img_0989Oh hi!

When I first started blogging (through a different platform) I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing.  I had just signed up to run the Paris Marathon through Team in Training, and figured it couldn’t hurt to have a place to talk about my training and other fitness/health issues, and potentially drum up some donations at the same time!  Some time has passed since then, and I feel that although this little space I have carved out for myself has remained fundamentally similar to what it was at its inception, it has evolved slightly.

I have always had an interest in health and fitness, and I have always tried to live my life in a healthy, balanced way.  I have had my struggles and difficulties, but I have also had my triumphs.  Throughout my life (and often in spite of myself) I think the one constant has been the fact that I’m not perfect.  Of course, this is a lesson that I find myself having to learn over and over again, whether it comes from not meeting all my training goals, or it manifests itself in some other way.

I think one of the most important aspects of what I would like to be able to share is the process of dealing with (and possibly overcoming) some of the obstacles that I encounter.  As a person who has always had her fair share of body- and appearance-related anxieties, some of the things I enjoy most in life (running, yoga, eating well) can often become fraught and frightening.  I hope that being able to open up and be honest about these issues here on my blog will help me to understand and deal with these anxieties in a more constructive way.  I also secretly hope that being forthright about my struggles (which, I know, are minuscule compared to what others experience) will help someone else realize that they aren’t alone in what they may be going through.

I don’t expect that this blog will change anybody’s life or lead to any huge and important revelations for anyone (I know–way to dash hopes and dreams!), including me.  However, I do hope that it can stand as an example of one person’s journey through a particular lifestyle, with all the ups and downs that come with it.



  1. Just checked out some of your blog…I likes it! You’re very inspirational (Boston Marathon, WOW! You will definitely get there!)! 😀

  2. I just came across your site via jezebel.com and loved your blog post about Special K. However I’m also so excited to find your blog because my first marathon was the Philadelphia Marathon this past November! I was so excited to read some of your training etc and I plan to do it again this year. I’m currently in recovery from an injury, but it was really uplifting to read some of your blog posts-thanks for sharing. You rock! If you’re on dailymile still I’d love to be friends-my profile name is thehotflash.

    See ya!

    1. Hi Kate! I’m totally still on dailymile 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, but happy that you’re recovering and I hope it’s going well. Philadelphia is a great marathon, and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to do either the half or the full again this year, so we should try and keep and touch and think about a meet-up when the time comes! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words as well. They mean a lot!

      BTW, I’m Emilie L. on dailymile.

  3. Just found your blog (from Jill Will Run) and I’ve been enjoying poking around! I love your attitude and look forward to reading more. Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

  4. Bonjour Émilie!! Je découvre joyeusement ton blogue grâce au blogue de Sonia et au défi Embrace:me. J’ai hâte d’avoir le temps d’explorer plus en détails! 🙂 Je suis curieuse de connaître ton avis sur ton expérience avec Team in Training! Est-ce que c’est quelque chose que tu recommanderais? Quels sont pour toi les points positifs et négatifs de ce programme? Merci! Et je reviens te lire assurément très bientôt 🙂

    1. Hi Sammy,
      Thanks for visiting! I hope you’re enjoying the running you’re doing, and that my blog will live up to your expectations 🙂

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