I like it when you’ve been telling yourself that something is going to be like this:

Image via Tojy George,

And then it ends up being like this:

Image via

My run this morning wasn’t like that, but the run I did yesterday morning was. I know that most of what has been keeping me from running has been 1) the fear that it’s going to be horrible because I’m out of shape and 2) the fear of how much I’m going to beat myself up when it’s hard. But I am managing to develop a bit of perspective, and appreciate the difference between what a run will feel like and what I’m telling myself a run will feel like. 9 times out of 10, my fictionalized version of it is much, much worse than reality. Time to stop listening to that story.



  1. Thanks–I needed this. I have been on a hiatus due to tendinitis and am having a hard time getting out the door for that “first” run. I am doing a turkey trot on Thursday so I keep saying that will be my return to running, but am so nervous about how out of shape I am! I will keep this post in mind!

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