How Much Would You Pay?

It’s been a while since I bought a new pair of running tights, and as a result I’m on the market for a couple new pairs. Of course, running tights tend to be on the pricy side, and I am, as usual, a little bit strapped for cash (I’m also debating whether I should buy new full-length tights or a few more pairs of capris given how mild this winter has been, but that could be another post altogether). Because of my financial situation–and, let’s be honest, my refusal to pay much for running clothes in general–I’ve been shopping around a bit, and hitting up the usual suspects for a good deal.

I’ve got to say, when you start looking around for a specific item, you start to find some wacky stuff. Obviously it’s no surprise that there are items out there that are either strange and overpriced (this comes to mind), or strange, overpriced, and hideous (I’m looking in your direction again, lululemon. I mean really, jodhpurs? Now you’re just openly mocking us. Except joke’s on you because the word is not spelled johdpur). Apparel like that has been around for ages, and if you don’t believe me just watch any runway show ever.

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I think, though, that I may have come across an item that takes the cake. Now, I mean no disrespect to CW-X, but unless these tights are going to wash and fold themselves and do the rest of my laundry while they’re at it, I really just can’t justify paying close to $200 for them. The product description is trying to make me think that wearing them will give me flat abs and toned muscles, but frankly I don’t really go in for that snake oil sort of thing. Personally, I’d rather pay $150 less and just do some crunches. Or maybe Pilates.

I own a pair of CW-X tights, and I admit that I a) paid a pretty penny for them and b) like them a lot. But I got them about two years ago, and they’re showing more signs of wear (example: the inner thigh seam is beginning to split) than pairs I’ve had for much longer. I also used to have a pair of CW-X capris, and got rid of them after about a year and a half because of the same problem. When I spoke with a representative from the company last year at the running show I went to, he said this was pretty normal and that it was to be expected. He also suggested that I stitch up the seams myself, or that I just buy a new pair. That’s when I decided that in the future, I’d stick to a more reasonable budget when shopping for running tights (actually, I’d already made that decision when I got rid of the capris. Talking to the CW-X rep convinced me I’d made the right decision, though).

So I’m curious: would you pay $194.99 for the Revolution Tight? If not, what would it take (if anything) for you to justify the price?



  1. I’m with you in having issues about how much some of this running gear costs! I’ll suck it up with shoes, but with the clothing it is ridiculous! I doubt I’ll ever be able to talk myself into spending $200 on tights…ever! Of course, I’d reconsider if they really could do my laundry! 😉

    The last time I bought long pants for running was in 2009…and they were $20 C9 pants at Target. I love them and still wear them, not just for running but for snowboarding, layering, etc! The running tights I wear are The Husband’s Under Armor tights {yup, totally fit!} since I’m too cheap to throw down the money for my own! I get the feeling that just using the word compression jacks the price up on stuff!

    1. Haha, I think you might be right about “compression”! It definitely seems to be the new buzzword when it comes to fitness apparel. Even Old Navy is selling compression gear now 🙂

  2. I would never pay that. I don’t know that I’d pay $50 either. I live in the south and rarely run in pants anyway (I ran a 5K in shorts last Saturday), but the running pants I do own came from Old Navy off the rack for like $20 or so. They’re capri tights.

    Like Heidi said… I recommend the Champion C9 at Target. I’ll pay whatever I have to for shoes, because I only have one set of feet and know people who’ve had foot problems later in life due to wearing the wrong shoes. But I don’t think running pants are worth that sort of investment (then again, I only run in pants a few times a year, haha).

    1. I’m with you on the shoes. I always try to get mine online for less than I’d pay in the store, but I won’t skimp on them if that’s what it comes down to. As for pants, though, I think not wearing them often is a good reason not to pay much. I wish I had that option, although it seems like our winter up here might be so mild that buying new tights might be a waste of money.

  3. I wait for everything to go on sale to be honest. I have bought running stuff this expensive – but waited til it was on sale. A bit cheaper but still on the pricey side. And sometimes you wait a looong time for a sale. But i’m totally pathological about sales – if it ain’t on sale i’m not buying.
    I was on the Old Navy website and saw they had compression gear now too – is compression gear the same everywhere? Like is is the same stuff Skins/2XU sell for 3x as much?? I wish i knew.

    1. That’s a really good question, I’d also like to know the answer! If it is all the same stuff, then I really need to get into the compression gear business 🙂

      I’m also a fan of waiting for things to go on sale. Unfortunately, I tend to psych myself out sometimes, though, and I start second-guessing things: what if it gets reduced further? Maybe I should wait? Then I wait too long and my size gets sold out or something.

  4. When I can find the CWX tights on sale (it’s happened at times), I’ve bought a pair or two. They’ve held up pretty well with Woolite Dark and air-dry. I think the Magical Compression Powers are over-rated, but they are pretty good for running in a wide range of temperatures. You know what they’re also good for, though? Flying on airplanes… compression hose would work as well but these are more demographically comfortable for me, thanks.
    I loaned a pair to a friend during her post-c-section recovery/returning-to-running phase and the compression aspect was extra helpful.

    Was intending to try out the athleta compression tights when they go on sale. I was whelmed by their compression-ish shorts, which were more along the lines of “mild firm pressure” shorts.

    Also, the stripes on the CWX tights make me look like a superheroine according to my niece, so that’s kind of hilarious and entertaining – maybe not what everyone wants, but I enjoy it. 🙂 If I can make a 6 year old giggle and get silly when I come out in my tights to run, then I think it’s a bonus.

    1. I love the superheroine look! That’s definitely my favorite part of wearing CW-X (and, perhaps embarrassingly, what made me get them in the first place…I just love the pattern). Good to know about the compression post-c-section–I wouldn’t have thought about that but I can see how it would be really helpful!

  5. I would NOT pay that much for tights!! Truth: I run 6 days a week. I own 2 pairs of full-length running tights. I do laundry usually every 2 weeks. That means that in cold winters, I am wearing tights a lot but not washing them that much (but also not sweating as much because it’s cold…hopefully). Anyway, they are both UA coldgear tights that I paid $50 each in I think 2007. They don’t show much wear, they have not stretched out, and they keep me really warm. (Maybe not washing them as often as I should contributed to their integrity?) I think the long story short is that a lot of fitness/running apparel is all the same but they try to BS you with compression, technology, etc. My tights are simple and were (relatively) cheap and have lasted a while and through lots and lots of miles.

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