Fruits of my Labor: Half-Marathon Training Bonanza

This weekend has been pretty busy. It snowed most of the day yesterday, and it’s been freezing. Definitely a departure from the mild winter we’d previously been having. Because of the temperatures, I ended up spending a lot of time inside working on putting together training plans for Team Challenge Brooklyn since I recently found out that I’ll be working as the Run Coach! Getting the plans coordinated has been a lot of work, but I’ve loved every minute of it. It feels so good to be doing something I enjoy so much, and to be doing it as a job is an added bonus. I am really excited about this opportunity, and I can’t wait for us to get the season started on February 18.

Team Challenge Brooklyn participants will have a choice of three different half-marathons: Virginia Wine Country, Kona, and Napa to Sonoma, all of which are going to be amazing races! We’ll have about 16 weeks from the beginning of the season until the Viginia Wine Country half–plenty of time to get ready to run. I made sure to put in options for runners of all levels, including those who might want to opt for a run/walk program instead of a training program consisting solely of running.

I also figured I’d make a variation of the Virginia Wine Country training plan available to anyone who wants it. It’s designed to be pretty flexible, and you can run 4 or 5 days a week depending on what’s best for you–if you prefer a 4-day-a-week schedule, I recommend using Sunday as either an additional rest day, or an opportunity for some cross-training.

Half-marathon Training Program

You can download the training plan here: Half Marathon Training (at least I think you can, if I’ve made the right assumptions about how technology works…which is not something I’d suggest taking for granted). If you do decide to try it out and you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Hopefully, this will be the first of many plans I post here.

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  1. Good luck with coaching! I like your half marathon plan too, especially since it includes shorter runs and lots of rest days for cross training. That’s one gripe about a lot of “plans” online and why I don’t follow them all the way through- they expect 5 days a week of tough runs with only one mandatory day off :(. I hope you have fun coaching your clients and getting paid is awesome too!

    1. Thanks, A.L.! I really wanted to make sure this would be a flexible plan, and that even if you did the lowest mileage, you’d still be in shape to run a half. I think I’m also going to do some posts about the sort of speed work or quality work you could incorporate if you wanted to, and when to work it into the plan.

  2. Yes, good work and i’m glad you’re doing something you enjoy so much. I’m presuming this one you posted is for total beginners? It might need a caveat…

  3. Any advice for beginner marathon training plans?? I’m thinking about tackling one but all of the plans I’m finding online have 6-7 miles a day! I don’t think I have time for that right now, between work and school. Advice??

    1. Jen, I really like this one from Runner’s World:

      I used it for my first and second marathons and it was great both times. You will get to a point where you’re doing higher mileage during the week, but it’s a lot less time-consuming than a lot of other plans out there.

      I can also put together a personalized plan for you if you’d like. Email me if you’re interested!

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