It’s Not Too Late

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s deciding that because I’ve missed out on part of something, or the designated beginning of a project or program, I’ve missed out on the whole thing and there’s no use trying to catch up or follow along at a different pace. Good old black and white thinking, right? It always finds some way to bestow special blessings upon those of us who practice it. I  tend to get so entrenched in the idea that things have to be done a certain way that I forget that in the majority of cases, I have the freedom to be much more flexible than I’m allowing.

Yoga Journal

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A few weeks ago, I signed up for Yoga Journal‘s 21-day Yoga Challenge, and patiently awaited the first email on January 9. Of course since I hurt myself on January 8th, by the time the Challenge started, I was unable to participate. Since then, the emails (and the practices they contain) have been piling up in my inbox and I’ve been lamenting the fact that I missed the chance to get on board with the whole thing.

Except: duh. The emails are sitting right there. The videos are still accessible on the Yoga Journal website. If I want to start the challenge whenever I want, who’s to stop me? And wouldn’t it be better to start late than not to start at all? I know, it’s a total revelation over here.

So here we are, back feeling better, and ready for Day 1. The first practice is a Morning Sequence with Katie Holcombe, which I plan to start in the next couple minutes. I know what you’re thinking: a morning sequence at 7:34 pm? Is the whole world taking crazy pills? To which I say: I don’t know, maybe. It would explain a lot.


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  1. Good luck with yoga :). I did yoga on Tuesday and it was pretty fun, but I don’t think I could do it every day or more than once a week, honestly. It’s definitely good cross training for running and also a good way to go to sleep. When I go, I barely make it into the apartment before I crash into the bed, haha.

    Definitely a good way of looking at things though, no matter where you are, you can always make a fresh start :).

  2. I signed up for that too…i haven’t done a single one but i do check out the recipes in the emails…i have a daily home yoga practice anyway…Oh and i just noticed your daily mile widget where you called the yoga video boring – i think there’s lots of great videos on the YJ site but they ARE boring and somewhat…static with the voice-overs. I do vinyasa flow daily (alot of Shiva Rea stuff). Have you tried that?

  3. good for you not “waiting til tomorrow morning” to start! i’m bad about needed a new week/month to start something, but really – what’s wrong with now?

    maybe i will re-start my yoga too, but just once a week.

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