Looking Back on 2011

A blank slate

2012: a blank slate. Image by Tojosan via Flickr.

I’ve started, stopped, and erased this post 3 times today. This is attempt #4. I’m determined to make it the one that sticks. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m having a hard time writing a year-end post (especially considering I’m under absolutely no obligation to do so) and I think it’s because overall 2011 kind of sucked. I mean, it had its highs, but for the most part it’s full of a lot of stuff I want to leave behind me.

More than anything, when I think about the past year, I think about how much I was floundering. A lot of my blog posts ended up being declarations about starting new challenges, changing habits, improving this, no longer doing that…none of it stuck, and it leaves me wondering why I kept returning to the idea of overhauling something in spite of an overall lack of success in doing so.

Looking toward 2012, I still feel like something has to change. I need to shake things up somehow; I’ve been doing the exact same things for the past several years, and just sort of coasting along without doing much to break out of my routine (or more appropriately, rut). And clearly, it’s not really working. I mean, right? If it were, I think I’d probably not be sitting here writing this!

I’m not really sure where to start, to be honest. But I guess the best place is by identifying some of the things I would like to do, and then determine what, among those things, is reasonable. And so:

  1. Follow through on more things, i.e. run the races I’m registered for, follow my training plans, etc.
  2. Take more control over the way I deal with food, because even though things have gotten a lot better, there is still a lot of room for improvement
  3. Blog more often, and put more time into it overall
  4. Spend more time working on other written material to submit to other sites
  5. Get a job (I’m not a fan of unemployment, really)
  6. Do more yoga (and more running, too, since 2011 didn’t see much of that)
  7. Develop a cross-training (slash strength-training) routine.
Did I miss anything? Is that all? Probably not. But it’s a good start, and that’s what I was looking for anyway, so that’s that. And now, to let those things sit a while, and see what (if any) insights develop in the next day or so.

In the meantime, can we get to 2012 already?

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  1. Yes, let’s get on to 2012 already! The year 2011 is done, fork tender if you will! I for one am happy to put it behind me, and I am sure that many agree!

  2. 2011 wasn’t a banner year for me either, but i’m still not in a hurry to rush it away. i guess the whole “don’t wish your life away” stuff.

    i’m not great at stuff like this either, but maybe setting out a plan in the next few days will help get your 2012 revitalization off on the right foot? you know, the whole “Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.” thing. hopefully a few small changes and victories will start to turn things around for you – i certainly hope so!

    1. I’ve been thinking about your comment since I read it this morning. You’re so right about not wishing life away, and it makes me realize that even though this is sort of a limbo period where some things might be on hold (like hearing back from jobs I’ve applied for), I can be working on other things. I should be making the most of this time, and not wishing for it to pass so I can move on to the next thing!

      1. that’s what i was meaning to say! i am bad about trying to move on in a hurry b/c things aren’t going like i want. but it’s not all wasted time, or it shouldn’t be anyway. i am definitely guilty of wasting it though and waiting for the clean slate.

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