Sunday Run-down: November 7-13

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It’s probably not a great sign when I can’t remember the last time I wrote a Sunday Run-down post, is it? If nothing else, it’s a sign that there hasn’t been much to run down in the past few weeks. I’m not entirely sure what’s been going on lately–it’s been a combination of being out of commission for one reason or another (sick, exhausted, it’s too dark, etc) and having very little motivation.

I’m still planning to run the Philadelphia half-marathon next weekend, but instead of being excited about it, I feel like I just want to get it over with. At this point, the past few months of training have been so full of stress, depression, anxiety, and other negative things, that I would really like to just put it all behind me and move on to something different. I’m hoping that crossing the finish line after those 13.1 miles next week will be a good time to start over and have a clean slate.

Rather than do a day-by-day breakdown for the week, I figured I would just group things together and sum them up that way.


Well, there wasn’t much of this going on this past week. I was hoping that since we turned the clocks back, it would be a bit easier for me to get up and run in the morning. Even though I managed to wake up with my alarm a few times this week, I actively chose to reset the alarm and go back to sleep rather than go out and run. Not great. I went to the gym after work one evening and did 4 miles on the treadmill, and I ran 6 miles yesterday in spite of some very unpleasant nausea (something to remember: sometimes running can be a good distraction, if you can overcome the slightly motion-sick feeling you have and get yourself up to do it). 10 total miles for the week? It’s better than zero.

Yoga (and, by extension, the 30-day challenge)

Sadly, I haven’t been to a single Bikram class. Indeed, it’s possible I won’t have a chance to go at all–I planned on going Friday (the day my Groupon deal expired) but the registration instructions I had were wrong, and when I tried to go to the studio, I couldn’t find it. I guess I walked right past it because I went up and down the block a few times. Clearly this means I need to work on focusing more on the present moment, which yoga would help me to do if I could find the studio where I’m supposed to be doing it. I emailed the studio this weekend to see if I could still use the Groupon. I’ll let you know how it turns out. In the meantime, though, I’ve been doing classes from YogaVibes, although probably not as frequently as I should.

It’s hard to keep up with a challenge and a training plan when you’re not all that happy about how many things in life are going. So far, November has been one of my most stressful months in recent history. Fortunately, it’s not even half over yet, so I may still have a chance to turn things around.

Looking ahead: Like I said above, I am antsy to get these past few months behind me, and I think that running the Philly half will be a good way to do it. That said, I am still going to try for a decent week of running over the next seven days. Tomorrow, I’m running with my friend Tracy, so I’ll have a reason to get up in the morning! Tuesday evening, I’m joining another friend for a bootcamp class (another Groupon, and one that I will use before the expiration date this time). Between those two activities, I should be able to get the week off to a good start. And soon I’ll start working on building up a mileage base and getting things back on track overall.

How was your week of workouts? Are you struggling as much as I am, or did you check off every workout on your to-do list?

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One comment

  1. Hey there!
    Don’t get too hard on yourself over running-I think, like most things in life, we have ups and downs and sometimes our goals change, our bodies are ready for new challenges or they decide that we need rest time to get over a cold etc. Lots of things to factor in.
    I’m not sure if I’m running the half-I too just want to get it over with, but also feel like it’s not worth injuring myself over. I ran 11 this weekend and felt pretty decent (considering I hadn’t run other than 5 miles like a week ago) and have been doing 3-4 mile walk/jogs in my exercise classes, but I just think it comes down to having new goals. I want to LOVE running and run when I want to-not when a training schedule tells me too. I loved training last year, even through the shitty “I don’t want to wake up at 5am” moments b/c I felt dedicated to a specific goal and it helped me through parts of my life that needed that type of activity. Now I’m focusing more on building muscle and losing some weight to show that muscle and really for me running is great for stamina and needing a break from everything around me. I’m happy to say that I’m able to do 18 push ups now, but sadly that’s not from running-that’s from being in the Lithe studio at classes instead of running all the time.
    Maybe I’ll see you Sunday, maybe I won’t. If you run though, I hope it’s enjoyable and you smile from start to finish. Stay positive!

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