Embrace: Legs

I’m really pleased tonight to be re-posting a piece written by Jill, who is not only a friend and fellow blogger, but also an inspiration to me.  The following is from her blog, and appears here with permission (thanks, Jill!).

I’m following in the path of Emilie‘s Embrace:Me movement and writing a post about a part of me that I need to embrace and accept… my legs.

I’ve always felt rather negatively about my legs… they’re too short, they’re too thick, they’re ugly…

True, my legs are not at all like a supermodels’ legs… but then, most people aren’t like supermodels.  My legs ARE short… I frequently have to buy petite pants or hem them.  Skinny jeans just don’t fit right on my muscular thighs.  I frequently have bruises all over my legs. Sometimes boots won’t zip around my calves.

But my legs are doing the job for me just fine.  They’ve run thousands of miles.  They carry me through my day-to-day activities.  I can walk, skip, jump, run…

And those things are far better than wearing skinny jeans.

Chichen ItzaThe hubby and me at Chichen Itza

Hard Core?Goofing off at my mom’s house, pretending to go for a run in 18 degrees and snow.

Dynamic Warmup for the crowd at the Team Challenge Sunset Rock n Run

Leading a dynamic warmup for the crowd at the Team Challenge Sunset Rock n Run – Photo © Walter Lowell

Make sure to show Jill some love and support by voting for her blog in the 2011 Shape Blogger Awards.



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