Sunday Run-down: September 26- October 2

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Okay, seriously, how is it possible that it’s October already?  Where did September go?!  I guess it doesn’t really matter–it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.

This past week I spent a lot of time thinking about the Marine Corps Marathon (I know, still!).  Everyone’s comments on my post about it seemed to make so much sense, and with every one I read, I’d think, “Yeah, she’s right, I should/shouldn’t do it!”  Either fortunately or unfortunately, though, today I was struck down by a case of emilie-stomach and I ended up having to forego any running as a result.  I wish I had some idea about where this nausea comes from, since I feel like that might help me to figure out what to do about it.  Needless to say, I was unable to run 18 miles.  I didn’t even feel up to the 10 miles I had on my calendar as an alternative to the 18-miler (and also as training for the Philadelphia half-marathon if I decided to drop the MCM).  So I guess the decision is made: I will not be running the Marine Corps Marathon this year, and that’s that.  At this point I just think it would be unreasonable and irresponsible of me to continue acting as though it were a possibility.  And I feel fine about this decision.  My only regret is that I didn’t make my mind up soon enough to transfer my bib to someone who really wants to do the race.

At any rate, before I ended up feeling miserable today, I had a pretty good week of running and thought I’d be on target to hit my mileage goal, in spite of having stomach problems on Friday afternoon.  Let’s have a look.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3 miles, 60 minutes yoga

Friday: sick

Saturday: 7.5 miles

Sunday: sick

For a while there, I wasn’t having too much gastrointestinal trouble, but it looks as though those issues are back.  Hopefully this week they’ll go on hiatus or something, and leave me alone so that I can get in some quality running time.  I can now pretty much commit myself to half-marathon training, which I’m excited about because I’ve designed my own training plan (which I’ll share some time this week).  Also, now that it’s October I’ve started my next 30-day challenge, and I’ll be telling you more about that soon as well.  With luck, this month will be a good one–cooler temperatures and less humidity always seem to make for better running, right?

Do you have any plans or goals for the week and/or month ahead?

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  1. I am also thinking of dropping out of a marathon-the Philadelphia one-this time around and still cant’ make up my mind. However with about 6 weeks to go and a HUGE running rut (between stress and depression and lack of wanting to train b/c I think I pushed my body too hard with multiple activities) I just don’t think it’d be smart. For me it feels like my situation would be one step forward, two months back if I get an injury like last year! It’s hard too because I want to do it again, I really do. But I’m also not as excited about training and I want to run for myself again-not to check off an X amount of miles I did. What’s difficult is that I ran my last long run (I mean 15 miles) like 3 weeks ago and this past weekend only did 11.5. I should’ve been up to at least 18 by now. Sigh. The plan is to just run how and when I want and I know I’ll be able to do the half for sure on the day of the marathon. I feel I need to make a decision sooner than later myself….

  2. Je crois que tu as pris la bonne décision, Emilie. La seule fois où j’ai fait une course pour laquelle j’étais sous-entraînée, j’ai trouvé l’expérience difficile et désolante. Ce qui est bien, c’est que tu as un autre objectif, le demi-marathon de Philadelphie, qui mettra à profit tous les accomplissements de ton entraînement pour le MCM sans pour autant t’épuiser. Des amis DM qui s’étaient entraînés pour le marathon des Deux-Rives (Québec) et qui ont dû courir le demi à cause du passage de Irene ont eu une superbe expérience. Ils se sentaient forts et puissants pour cette course, qui paraissait tout à coup bien plus facile. Je te souhaite une excellente préparation pour Philadelphie, tu vas certainement faire une super compétition, surtout que tu aimes beaucoup cet événement. Je pense à toi!

  3. Ah – good for you for trusting your instincts and knowing what you need to do. I love that you immediately set your sights on the Philly Half next month as a next goal. (I’m running it, too!) Hope you’re feeling better…

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