Birthday Run-Down!

I know today is Sunday, and normally that would mean a Sunday Run-Down.  But sometimes you just don’t feel like writing one, especially when you feel like your training is going all that well.  So instead of a Sunday Run-Down, today I’m bringing you a Birthday Run-Down.  It’s like a training round-up, except that it’s about all the goodies I would buy myself for my birthday if I had the money.  Why the birthday theme?  Well, because tomorrow is my 30th!  So please join me while I indulge myself.

I think I could probably break things down into three main categories: Running, Yoga, and Miscellaneous (which is kind of cheating, I know).


Does it come as any surprise?  The first thing I’d get myself is a pair of Vibram FiveFingersthe Bikila LS, to be specific.  I think

Image via Running Warehouse

we all know I’ve been lusting after these things for a while now.

I’d also try out some Honey Stinger Energy Gels.  I know it seems silly to put something that mundane on a birthday wishlist, but the tricky thing about gels is that you don’t want to buy a whole case without knowing whether or not you like them.  I don’t want to end up with an entire box of something that I’ll never eat.  Much safer to put them on an imaginary shopping list than a real one!

My digital watch recently broke, so I’d get myself a new one, like this Timex Ironman TAP.  For a straightforward watch, it’s got some pretty cool features, and even though I am still not really keeping track of my times, I do like having a watch on while I run just so that I know what time of day it is.

Obviously, I’d also buy myself some new gear– definitely a few pairs of capris, and maybe a pair or two of tights to replace the ones I have that are coming dangerously close to falling apart.

To top it off, I’d hire a coach with the hope that she or he could help me figure out why it always seems like I’m doing something wrong.


Image via Manduka

One of the first things I’d get myself for yoga is one of these Manduka Lyrics Practice Totes.  In it, I would keep a brand new Manduka mat, probably the eKO Natural Rubber Mat, which is biodegradable and supposedly very grippy.  I love my current mat, but it’s sufficient grody looking at this point that I get a little bit embarrassed when I unroll it in a class.  I guess when you’ve been using the same mat for several years, it will get a bit gross.  And  I’m sure no one’s judging me…but still.  I’d feel better knowing that the people around me aren’t disgusted!

Next, although it’s not really yoga-specific, I would get a Vila mat.  These acupressure mats are supposed to help with relaxation and keep even promote sleep (it could come in handy during my 30 day challenge this month).  I’ve never had a chance to try one, but Jill really seems to like hers.  And I certainly wouldn’t say no to a bit of a back massage whenever I wanted it!

Finally, I would gift myself some sessions at some of New York’s most famous studios, like Om Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga School, and Yoga Sutra.  If I were feeling extra generous, I’d sign myself up for yoga teacher training somewhere, too.


Of course, there’s more to life than yoga and running.  That’s why I’d also get myself a set of interchangeable knitting needles.  It can really be a hassle trying to figure out if you have the right needles every time you start a new project.  With this set, I wouldn’t need to!

I’d also buy myself some luxury yarns and make myself something great, like a sweater or a cozy wrap.  And of course I’d also buy myself this book so I could always knit something cute to cheer myself up on the days when I need it.

There’d be the requisite manicure/pedicure, and maybe even a massage for good measure.  Throw in some clothes shopping, and it would be a birthday for the ages.

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  1. happy almost your birthday!! 🙂 (thanks for the day off from work too)

    i always have trouble thinking of things i would like for my bday or christmas. you have a good list! hope you can pick up a few things here and there throughout the year…

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