Shoe Abuse?

Fewer than 90 miles ago, my shoes looked like this:

They were so white they were almost blinding!  My previous pair, on the left, were gray.  I should probably stick with that color in the future.  Here’s what my shoes look like today:

You can even see, in the space usually covered by the laces, what a dramatic difference there is in them now.  I don’t know where all that grime came from, but I guess it’s not necessarily abuse if you’re using the shoes for their intended purpose, right?



  1. My Saturday race was on a dirt road that was mostly white gravel. After I finished the race, I put my shoes in my bag and put on my flip flops.

    Well… it’s Thursday and every time I take clothes out of my bag from the gym, they have white gravel on them! It’s everywhere! I don’t know how softball players deal with the clay from the field getting on everything they own, lol.

  2. I think they look loved! I hate when my running shoes aren’t all dirty and worn looking. I think it makes me look tougher when they’re a mess. 🙂

    1. I do get a certain pride out of that “tough” look, I have to admit 🙂 I also like thinking of them as looking loved, that’s a good way to put it!

  3. I’m gonna guess the grime came from New York! 🙂
    It’s something I’ve noticed about living in a bigger city since I moved to Las Vegas though, my shoes seem to get ugly-dirty a lot faster than in a small town.

    But you’re absolutely right, it’s not abuse if your’e using them. It’s probably abuse if you’re leaving them pristine in the closet! 🙂

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