It’s Wednesday and the Week Starts Here!


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My week has been totally wackadoo so far.  Monday and Tuesday home sick, Wednesday back at work, but no LUNAChix run due to another engagement…everything is crazy!  In fact, I haven’t had a chance to run at all since Sunday, at I’m going a bit crazy at this point.  I can’t help it, I’m addicted to exercise…in a healthy way, that is.

Generally, my weeks are better when I manage to get my running started earlier–Tuesday is usually the best time for me.  But here we are: it’s Wednesday and today’s really the first day I’ve had where I could have done much of anything.  I couldn’t have run Monday or yesterday even if I’d tried.

The important thing to remember is how much of my determining the best time to start exercising during any given week is mental.  The fact of the matter is that the run itself doesn’t know what day it is, so it’s not so important when I get out the door for the first run.  What really matters is that I do it at all, and that I don’t let myself get overwhelmed by feeling like I may have failed when, in fact, I’m still in a position to do a decent amount of running for the week.

Something that often gets neglected when we talk about a healthy lifestyle is the insidious little ways in which the lifestyle can undermine itself.  Example: assigning too much significance to which day of the week is your first day of exercising.  Approaching these things with a more open-minded perspective can transform a week–I may not be able to go running for the first time this week until tomorrow, but there’s no reason I should consider this any different from a run I could otherwise have taken on a Tuesday.

Maybe something to focus on during the month of August will be trying to approach things differently, and see them in a positive, instead of a negative light.  And with that perspective in place, I can get excited about tomorrow being a day to run and a day to do yoga!

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