Under Where?

Here’s a question: when it comes to running shorts, do you wear anything under them?

At one point I was reading a blog, and the blogger made some passing comment about how obviously you’re not meant to wear underwear with shorts that have built-in briefs.  Prior to reading that, I’d never thought twice about pulling my shorts on over my underwear–it just seems natural and although I’ve never tried going without, I think I would feel extremely naked if the only thing separating me from the rest of the world was the thin material apparel companies use to make those briefs.

I have to admit, though, that lately I’ve been thinking more and more about ditching the underwear.  In this heat, they just end up being one more article of clothing that ends up sweaty and needs to go in the laundry.  So maybe it’s time to give them up and see how the other half lives?  Really, I don’t know.  And that’s why I’m asking you.  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Die-hard beliefs?  Or maybe you’ve tried wicking underwear–in which case I want to hear about what that’s been like.  Are they a worthwhile investment?

I know it’s a weird question, but who else am I going to ask?

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  1. I totally go commando, especially with Nike tempo shorts!!! I even do with yoga pants and the like– when I’m working out I hate dealing with wedgies!!!

  2. Oh wow… I never wear underwear under those types of shorts… I always figured that’s why they had built in underwear, so you didn’t have to wear them. I don’t wear them under yoga pants either, at least not the skin tight yoga pants.

    I do wear them under my workout pants (which are loose Adidas pants) and under all my soccer shorts (obviously!).

    And it’s totally not TMI. We’re runners and have no problems discussing these things, haha. Love it!


  3. Okay maybe I’m in the minority, but thus far I still wear underwear under my shorts. Some of my shorts don’t have built-in underwear, but even the ones that do… I don’t know, guess I’m just used to it! Of course that means I have to choose my underwear carefully so I don’t get the droop once I start moving.

    I have a friend who doesn’t even wear underwear with her running tights, justifying that “they’re tights, you don’t need underwear.” I guess it’s your level of comfort in the end! By the same token this was also a topic of discussion on the (NSFW, language plus a funny but not particularly dirty illustration) sports website Deadspin today. Not being a dude, I can’t say whether the letter answerer is right or wrong, but there is one man’s perspective.

  4. If the shorts have a liner–no underwear! In fact I just put on shorts with a liner OVER underwear last night, for the first time in awhile, and it was very bunchy and sweaty!

  5. i usually wear underwear… no real reason. i’ve gone a few times without and that’s pretty nice too, i guess it’s just the habit of wearing it?

    i should look into wicking underwear at least… i’m sure that’s “reasonably” priced (hah!)

  6. I always wear underwear! Sometimes I even add compression shorts UNDER my regular shorts (but over underwear).

    I hate thigh-chafe 😡

  7. I totally found this out recently too! I was shocked – SHOCKED I say – to discover so many of female running pals go commando. When I switched to Brooks shorts with built in briefs, I wasn’t comfortable going completely commando, so I just wear a very skimpy g-string. The kind I stopped wearing years ago – so glad I kept them!

    Like others said, it’s your level of comfort. And sweat. I sweat a lot.

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