The Why

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about why I run.  Is it for fun?  The competition?  The thrill of repeatedly pounding my feet against the pavement?  Clearly a question this big calls for some soul searching.

I don’t run to win the race.  I don’t even run to win my age group.

I don’t run because I feel like I should, and I don’t run because everyone else is doing it.  I don’t run because I want people to think of me as a runner, or to admire me for any reason.

I don’t run because I want a bikini body.  I don’t run because a celebrity whose figure I envy does it.

I don’t run to be long and lean.  I don’t run for toned thighs, a flat tummy, or sexy buns.  I don’t run to blast fat, or zap calories.  I don’t run because I ate that cookie earlier, and I don’t run because I might eat that cookie later.

I don’t run to look good in my jeans, or in a new dress, or in any other article of clothing.

I don’t run to lose five pounds, or any weight at all.

I run because even though it makes me sweaty and sticky, it also makes me smile.

I run because it makes me feel balanced, free, and less burdened.

I run to have time to myself, so that I can think about whatever I want without any interruption.

I run for the concrete sense of accomplishment.

I run for the rich sense of community, the friendships, and the support that it brings to my life.

I run for the excitement of racing, and the possibility of pushing harder than you thought you could and doing better than before.

I run because it makes me feel strong, powerful, and beautiful.  It puts me in touch with my body in a way that nothing else does.

I run because it has saved my life and made my recovery possible.  I run to take care of myself.  I run because I can.

And finally, I run because it’s fun.  I run because I love it.

So, why do I run?  That’s why.



    1. I just read your post–I’m glad reading this helped you a little bit. Endurance sports are hard, and the mental component is a BIG part of it. Doubt can be difficult to handle, but it’s also totally normal. I hope you manage to work through your crisis!

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