Embrace: Little Things Redux

To all of you who are celebrating, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  Whatever your plans entail, I hope you will have fun and possibly enjoy some fireworks.  Remember to stay safe and take care of yourself (and each other)!  And don’t stay out too late, it’s back to work tomorrow!

As you will undoubtedly readily recall, last week’s Embrace:Me post was about the little things we can do to help break out of a rut, or even just to distract ourselves from negative thoughts on a difficult day.  The point of them is that they don’t have to be earth-shattering, hugely revelatory acts–they are meant to be simple and accessible, but helpful in that they can allow us to reset a little bit and not get so caught up in our own heads.

I like the idea of little things, so I’m creating a page here on the blog where we can keep a running list of them.  I’ll add the ones I listed last week as well as the ones that were shared in the comments, and some that I’ve picked up elsewhere since last Monday.  Please continue to send them in to me directly, or through Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments on the original post, this one, or the little things page.  My goal is to make this a resource we can turn to during difficult times for a quick idea for little thing that might help.


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