Stickin’ it to the (wo)Man

At Christmas, my Aunt and Uncle got me a gift card to Amazon, and even though I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for, I hung on to it for a long time.  I don’t really have a reason why I did, I just did.  You know, one of those things.  About a month ago, I finally placed an order for an item I’d been coveting for (literally) years: the Stick.

Image via Amazon

I first heard of the Stick in 2007 or possibly earlier, although I think I was probably training for my first marathon so 2007 seems right.  It wasn’t until 2008 that I actually got to try one out, though.  The Stick that I bought (the same one is pictured above) is 27.5 inches long, and as you can see in the image, has a handle on either end.  Taking an end in each hand, you roll the middle part of the Stick up and down your muscles–the effect is intense and feels a bit like a deep tissue massage (or at least what I remember a deep tissue massage feeling like.  I haven’t had one in many, many years), and is intended to increase circulation and help prevent lactic acid build-up and, consequently, muscle soreness.

Since becoming a proud owner of the Stick, I have gushed about it so enthusiastically that I have been teased by co-workers.  Any time Nat mentions that a muscle aches, I propose a solution: “You should try the Stick!”  He always sort of gives me a sidelong glance and ignores me.  But it’s true, he should try the Stick.  I can’t help it if I’m starting to sound like the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding“, trying to talk everyone into putting Windex on everything.  I love the Stick.  I could be a spokesperson for that thing.  Honestly, nothing feels better than getting back from a run and rolling out your muscles with the Stick.

Over the past year or so, foam rollers have gained a lot of popularity, and I know that many people who use them swear by them.  They have a number of uses, one of which is the sort of self-massage that can be performed with the Stick.  I’ve never used a foam roller, so I don’t have any basis on which to compare one with the Stick, but I can say that as a New Yorker, I’m always thinking about the fact that space comes at a premium, and I just don’t have anywhere to keep a foam roller.  I’m also not sure I have room to comfortably use one.  The version of the Stick that I have is sufficiently small that I could throw it in my suitcase if I were to go away for the weekend, and it takes up very little room in my apartment.  Because I can use it standing up, I don’t need to worry about having floor space before I start using it.  If you hadn’t already guessed, I am thrilled with it, and so happy I bought it.  If you’re considering a post-workout self-massage tool, I recommend giving the Stick a try.

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  1. i love rollers/sticks… anything that brings that kind of pain! hurts so good.

    i tend to hang onto gift cards too… not sure why, it’s not like i can ‘save’ the money!

  2. I love my “The Stick” and should use it more than I do. I also have a foam roller, but I find that I can manipulate some areas a lot better with the stick than I do with the foam roller. I guess I’m glad I have both, but if I had to pick one over the other… I would choose the stick. I’ve been running it on my hubby’s lats for him lately and he is almost in tears it hurts so much, but in a good way!

    I also hang onto gift cards too long. I think it has something to do with my perfectionism. Like I have to spend it on the EXACT right thing in order to get “use it right” and so I hold on to it for a long time. I have a $100 spafinder gift certificate that I’ve had for a long time. They promised me the gift certificate never expires, but I’m starting to wonder (so that’s another reason why I can’t use it… I don’t want to be stuck with a $100 spa bill!)

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