Sunday run-down: June 6-12

My oh my, this weekend has been eventful and exhausting.  I didn’t even make it through all the events I had on my schedule–I raced yesterday, went to a group run this morning, and spent a couple hours at the Fitness Festival, but sadly I am not at JackRabbit right now, listening to Marshall Ullrich talk about his ultrarunning adventures.  What can I say?  I crashed pretty hard late this afternoon and tried to take a nap but no sleep came.  This led to me feeling some sick and in no mood to head back out into the wilds of NYC, even for such a cool event.  I guess it’s possible that I over-booked myself a little bit this weekend (not to mention this past week, and, unfortunately, this upcoming week as well).


T-shirt on display at the Quidditch booth, NYC Fitness Festival


So, how did the training this week go?

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 5.1 miles

Wednesday: 3.44 miles with the LUNAChix

Thursday: rest

Friday: 20 minutes of gentle Hatha yoga

Saturday: Women’s Mini 10k and Yoga for Athlete’s Postgame Recovery (seriously, if you haven’t tried Sage Rountree’s Yoga for Athletes series through YogaVibes you are really missing out)

Sunday: 8.07 miles at an easy pace with a small Dashing Whippets group.  Originally I’d planned to go to the Prospective Flyers run with the New York Flyers, but I emailed one of the run leaders about it on Thursday (or Friday?) and never heard anything back.  Yesterday some of my LUNAChix teammates and I talked to some of the Whippets after the race, and they mentioned they do an easy Sunday morning long run and were so friendly and helpful that I immediately wanted to join.  So, Flyers: -1; Whippets: +1.

Last week I set myself a series of goals, and looking back on them I think I did pretty well.  Start a detox?  Check.  Go for a morning run?  Check (twice, actually, if you count racing yesterday).  Cook one meal?  No check, but I do have a plan for that for this week.  One run with a running group?  Check.  Exceed last week’s mileage?  Check.  Do at least two yoga practices?  Check.

Of course that means it’s now time to set goals for this week.  Here we go: 1) Cook at least one meal; 2) Make sure that getting the rest I need is a priority; 3) Increase mileage to 25 miles a week; 4) Go for another long run with the Whippets group; 5) Do at least two yoga practices.

How did your week turn out?  Do you have any goals for this next week?

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