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Today was a big day in the Emilie-Nat household (by which I mean our little room, obviously)!  Why?  Because Nat is now the proud owner of a new pair of running shoes; this is the first time he’s ever had his stride evaluated and been given the right running shoes; and we started the couch to 5k plan.  This is all part of my mission to fix Nat’s heart, and because his doctor mentioned that he could start running if he took things slowly, I was more than happy to jump on the bandwagon.  It just so happens that I also have a new pair of running shoes.  Nothing exciting, just the latest in the Mizuno Wave Rider line.  I was overdue for a new pair.

But anyway, enough about me!  Let’s check out what’s happening all around the internet.  Or at least in some places.

  • I’m still trying to find a meal planning strategy that works for me.  Step one would be to actually do any meal planning.  Maybe this fun planning sheet could help?
  • So this one time, I emailed Ragen from Dances with Fat to see if she would write a post for Embrace:Me (I’m terrible at doing that because I hate the possibility of rejection) and she never emailed me back.  My feelings are kind of hurt (even though I know that sort of thing just happens, it’s part of life) but she’s still awesome and this post is proof of that.
  • To be filed under ‘New to Me’ (as opposed to ‘New this Week’), some reflections on the value of thinking about what life would be like if you were thinner.
  • I have mixed feelings about this new ‘anti-obesity’ building in the Bronx.  What do you think?  Brilliant plan?  Good idea gone wrong?  Other?
  • Another point on which I want to hear your thoughts: the gluten-free trend.  Some people are allergic, are others just jumping on the bandwagon?  Does it matter?  And why is it that there are so many former lawyers who go on to open their own successful businesses?  How can I get to be a former lawyer without going to law school and actually being a lawyer?
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    1. I’m a big fan of the couch to 5k program. My mom and one of my best friends got started running that way–I think it’s the best way to ease into it and make sure you’re injury-free the whole time. It’s so common that people think they can just start running and then they end up getting hurt or burning out quickly!

  1. i can’t stalk most of those links cause i’m at work, but i just wanted to say maybe she didn’t get your email? some people have tried to email my CTK email and i never get it (nor does it end up in my spam). it’s just weird…

    not sure about the lawyer question.

    and you still owe me (and jill) and blurb! 🙂 just a gentle prod… haha. i need to do more brainstorming for E;M. i’ve been slack!

  2. Maybe a dumb question, but where would I go to get my stride evaluated? I know my legs are a mess, and I don’t think I got the right running shoes for my knock knees.

    1. I don’t consider that a dumb question at all! Depending on where you live, it may either be really easy or more difficult to have your stride evaluated. It’s a service that most specialty running stores offer. Some places have treadmills and cameras and a whole fancy set-up and they’ll watch you in slow motion, but I ended up with my beloved Mizunos after running around the store for one of the employees so that he could see what kind of gait I had. At a good place, the employees will really spend time with you and let you try on a variety of shoes so that you can be sure to find the right ones. I hope that helps!

  3. I tried the Couch-to-5km program, but it wasn’t for me. I think it was because although I wasn’t a runner at that point, I was big into running sports (soccer, ultimate frisbee), so I found it really boring and too easy (that sounds bad lol).

    I just started mindfully meal planning last week! I honestly just put a calendar into a word document, list out meals that sound good, and make a grocery list from that. I don’t feel like I HAVE to eat each meal on the specific day, but because I have it planned out in a two-week chunk, I can move them around to suit my tastes that day. I really like it because I don’t stress about what to make; I know I have everything for all of those meals!

    As for gluten-free, I found that removing gluten and lactose really helped clear up my skin and reduce the stomach swelling I experience after eating certain foods. HOWEVER, I think for me, that’s more about reducing the carbohydrates in my overall diet, than gluten specifically. It always comes back to balance with me. I drink soy milk, but I use regular cream in my coffee. I eat cheese, but some cheese hurts my stomach more than others. I will eat bread, but I try and eat as many meals without a carb as possible (makes me eat more veggies!).

    1. Your stomach sounds like mine, which is to say very fussy. I can never quite figure out what (if anything) it’s reacting to, sometimes dairy is a problem, sometimes it isn’t, sometimes carbs are, sometimes they aren’t, etc.

      It sounds like meal planning is working well for you, and your strategy sounds pretty solid. Way to go!

  4. Oh no, I totally suck! I came to this post by coincidence and I am so sorry that I missed your e-mail and hurt your feelings. I love the Embrace:Me site and would be honored to write a post if you’re still interested. (Of course if not I will understand).

    With Sincere Apologies,


    1. Hi Ragen!

      Oh, no, please don’t say you suck! You’re awesome 🙂 Honestly, I don’t want you to feel bad, because then I’ll feel bad, and it will just turn into a crazy cycle of feeling bad! Emails can get lost, all sorts of things can happen, I totally understand!

      I would be both honored and flattered to have you write something for Embrace:Me–I can’t imagine not being interested in having you write something. I’m open to either republished or original material, whatever works best for you 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, and honestly, please don’t feel bad!

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