New beginnings

Happy Memorial Day to all those who are celebrating!  And to those who aren’t, happy Monday!  I’ll be back a bit later with an Embrace:Me post, but first I wanted to say that I can’t believe I missed posting yesterday for the first time this year!  I had a good excuse, though.  I was busy doing some of this:

and this:

and this:

Which ultimately ended up with this happening:

Congratulations to my younger sister Charlotte and my new brother-in-law Phil.  Our family is incredibly lucky to have both of you and I know this the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life together.

In other new beginnings news: I’m going to reboot my Yoga Project since I think I started it at the worst time (end of training for a half marathon followed by a week preparing for my sister’s wedding?  Not the best planning there); I’m in the process of selecting a training plan for my next big feat of running endurance, the Marine Corps Marathon; and Nat has signed up for the Philadelphia Half-Marathon (I have too) so we’ve got to get cracking on his training, too!

Are there any new beginnings coming up for you?


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