Embrace: Lily

Lily is my oldest friend and I am absolutely thrilled that she submitted a story of body acceptance for Embrace:Me.  I’m especially thrilled because I didn’t even ask her to do it, she just did!  That’s what good friends do!  I love the story she shares below because to me, it demonstrates that everyone finds their strength in different places.  Lily is a perfect example of someone who has found a sport that she loves, and that has had more than just a physical effect on her.  I hope her story inspires you to try out some new things and see if you can tap into confidence and body love that you didn’t even know you had in you!


Image via charmcityrollergirls.com


Last weekend the husband and I were going to a goth-metal-techno-disco concert.  I have very few outfits to wear to such an event, so I dug a little deeper into my closet and pulled out a skirt that hadn’t fit me properly in a very long while. But I figured I’ve been working out fairly regularly for the last year training for roller derby, maybe I’ve lost enough weight to add the skirt back into the rotation.

Forget fitting properly around the waist — the skirt couldn’t even make it over my thighs/ hips / butt.  I actually stared at the fabric for a minute contemplating its material makeup and what atmospheric events must have occurred in my closet to cause the shrinkage.  Upon realizing that bizarre chemistry was unlikely and that my butthiplegs were the problem I became irately depressed (if that’s a thing).  I started throwing my clothes around angrily, mumbling about how I didn’t want to go out on a Saturday night ANYWAY.

Three days later a conversation among my roller derby teammates sprang up on Twitter. It seems that a few girls had just sent their clothes to the tailor to have the thighs let out and the butts altered. And it occurred to me that my “problem” was not a problem at all. Quite the opposite – my thighs are the solution!  I’m finally crafting the body of a serious skater!

That night at speed skating practice I felt, for the first time, powerful and utterly confident. I did not become an overnight prodigy by any means, but I finally feel like I can expect more of myself. I’ve often performed drills half-heartedly because a voice in my head says, “Whoa. This is advanced stuff and you won’t be able to keep up with the vets. Pace yourself so your legs don’t collapse.” But Tuesday night the voice told me that I AM capable and that my body IS powerful.

Today, however, is a different story. I feel anything but powerful.  I feel outrageously sore. Every muscle between my knees and my neck is whimpering in pain from the 2 hours of lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches, and speed skating. I just have to remember that the more I do it, the less it will hurt and the stronger I will be.

My teammate Whipstick, or Monica Gallagher as she’s known in the real world, (literally) illustrates this fact beautifully…


I’m not sure I’ve ever told Lily how awesome I think it is that she’s a roller derby girl.  Derby girls kick ass, take names, and have incredible grace, coordination, and strength, which are all super cool qualities in my book.

I would love to hear your story of body acceptance and positivity and feature it on Embrace:Me!  You can submit your story by emailing me at icametorun [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. umm. it took me a minute to figure out what body partS the butthiplegs are. hahaha. roller derby girls are hardcore!! i admire them all big time.

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