Sunday run-down: May 9-15

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Well here we are once again at the end of a weekend.  It’s also your last chance to enter the Balancing Act Clothing giveaway, so if you haven’t done that yet but you wanted to, now’s the time!  This week has been interesting.  I succumbed to another cold (this is the third or fourth one this year if you’re keeping track), which meant I had to call in sick to my LUNAChix run as well as an opportunity I had to work and attend the Yoga Journal conference yesterday (also LUNA-related).  No bueno, I tell you.  It was also emotionally trying since it’s always difficult to come down with a cold before you’re scheduled to run a half-marathon.  Luckily, the cold seems to be on its way out, and with luck I’ll be able to rest up this week and be in tip top shape next Saturday.

Here’s how the week broke down:

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: more rest

Thursday: 7.5 miles

Friday: some more rest

Saturday: 75 minutes of yoga and a misguided attempt at a 12-mile long run that ended up being 5.

Sunday: 11.1 miles, an attempt to salvage the previous day’s long run (and prove to myself that I could do it).

Today’s run was tough.  After yesterday (and a few other long runs that didn’t really work out the way I’d wanted them to during this training cycle), I wasn’t entirely sure I could even do the 12 miles at all, let alone finish a half-marathon.  Just the other day I’d been feeling like things were on the right course so yesterday was a real blow to my confidence.  I think it had to do with a combination of factors–things that were in my control (like choosing to do a 75-minute long yoga practice the same day when I hadn’t done any yoga in a couple months, as well as my attitude), and things that were beyond it (like having a cold)–but even knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to just brush the whole experience off.  It was good to be able to complete the 11 miles I did, but it was a challenge and took a lot of very active mental focusing.  There were a few times when I managed to settle in to a pace that felt good and would start to feel like I could keep running that way for a long time, but then something would interrupt it (and by something I mean things like an inattentive tourist suddenly walking in front of me and causing me to stop very abruptly) and I would have to work to get the feeling back, both mentally and physically.

With the half-marathon in less than a week, I’m going to really concentrate on getting in some quality rest (in addition to quality food and hydration) this week, and make an effort to develop some ways to keep my attitude positive even when things are getting hard.

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