Embrace: Carrie

This week’s Embrace:Me story comes from Carrie, who has tapped into the joy of running.  She writes:

After reading your post about Lululemon and their portrayal of women’s bodies I wanted to share my own Lululemon story. These are my winter running pants, a total splurge for me from Lululemon. I love them – but best of all I love me in them. These are a size twelve – and maybe a size big according to their sizing, but I was in between sizes and this was the size on sale. So – here is a real woman’s body in Lululemon. I’ve worked up to running a 10k while wearing these pants and I always feel confident when I walk out the door – and especially when I walk back in, red faced and sweaty!  I am proud that I am a “runner” and that I can run farther and faster than I could in high school. Last summer I saw my old basketball coach at a school reunion – he said “Wow, your legs look great! Have you been running?” “Yes I have.”

So, I’ve come a long way as far as accepting my body in tight clothing (exercise anyway) and I’m proud to run – at any size.

I agree that being red-faced and sweaty at the end of the run is one of the best sensations there is.  Congratulations, Carrie, on coming so far and feeling so good about yourself!  You are an inspiration.



  1. getting the “runner’s legs” comment is MY FAVORITE! 🙂 um YES i run, i work hard for these muscles!

    way to go carrie! keep on getting red-faced and sweaty. best.feeling.ever!

    1. See, I have *never* gotten the runner’s legs comment and I am so JEALOUS of you all! Maybe it’s time to break out the miniskirts or something?!

      1. skirts??! haha… riiiight. i wear capri’s to work, so i sometimes get it on my calves. otherwise outside of work i wearing shorts (usually gym shorts… i’m lazy ya know), i’m sure the gym shorts factor helps a lot?

      2. Yeah… I want to get that “runner’s legs” comment too! The only comments that come about my legs are my own negativity! 😦

        But I love this post…. And I totally wish that lululemon’s site featured “real women” throughout to match their positive words they use!

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