Sunday run-down: April 25-May 1

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York, USA.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Image via Wikipedia.

Happy May Day, everyone!  Today I learned something important: it may be May, but that doesn’t mean all the water fountains in Central Park will be back on.  If there’s anyone out there who knows what sort of logic dictates which fountains get turned on in April, and which stay off until some mysterious, yet-to-be-determined time in the future, please enlighten me!  It’s kind of annoying when you want to refill your water bottle but you can’t because the fountain you’ve gone to hasn’t been turned on yet.

But enough whining, on to the good stuff!  This week started off like many others (except I was feeling a little bummed out because of my failure to complete last week’s long run), and ended up a success.

Monday: Rest day, with some moping thrown in for good measure (see above).

Tuesday: Another rest day, even though I meant to do speed work.

Wednesday: 7.16 miles, 4 of which were with the LUNAChix.

Thursday: 4.04 miles

Friday: really bad nausea, but I went for a run anyway.  6.04 miles, and every time I started thinking about how bad my stomach felt, I wondered if I might throw up.  I didn’t, thank goodness.

Saturday: 3 miles.  Oof, this was inexplicably hard and got me worrying about today’s long run.

Sunday: 10 miles.  New plan: always have a bad run the day before a long run so that you get it out of the way.  I also felt like this was redemption after last week.

Total: 30.24 miles, the most I’ve done in a while.  I feel good, too, and I think a lot of it has to do with keeping my running schedule this week pretty balanced by alternating short and longer distances.  By the time my long run rolled around, I didn’t feel as wiped out as I have in previous weeks when I’ve ended up scrambling to get mileage in on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  My goal for this week is going to be to try and keep this balance, which might be sort of tricky given that the shortest run I have scheduled is 6 miles.  We’ll see how it goes!

Oh, and here’s an exciting announcement: I forgot that I actually have two Eazy Bandz coupon codes to give away, so we have a second winner (also determined by randomly generating a number): Lynn!  Congratulations to both Lynn and Jill.  I’ll be emailing you both.  And thanks to everyone who entered, as well as Eazy Bandz.


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  1. oooh nausea… not a good one. i meant to run today but was feeling gross (nauseous) myself. ugh. 😦

    it is obviously not as cold here, but i come across off-fountains too! annoying!

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