Body of Knowledge

Am I the only one who can’t get over the fact that tomorrow will be May 1?  I feel like I was just running in long sleeves and full-length tights last week, and now I’m contemplating how badly I need a few new pairs of running shorts.  Time flies, I guess!

So, what’s the buzz this week?  I’m glad you asked.

  • I’m totally pumped about my guest post on Medicinal Marzipan.  It makes me feel a little bit famous!
  • I like finding out about new blogs with awesome perspectives.  Case in point: Already Pretty, an awesome combination of style and body-loving goodness that’s not to be missed.
  • How do you define loving yourself?
  • I saw Mina Samuels speak at a panel last week, and after I told Nat about it, he bought me a copy of her book.  This post makes me wish I could finish my current book faster so that I can finally start running like a girl.
  • The New York Times (I mean, it would be weird if I didn’t link there for something) examines what it means to be in recovery from an eating disorder.  Personally, I’d put myself in the camp who feels that you’re always in recovery; even though I can proudly say I am healthy these days, I still have a lot of problems with food, and relapsing is one of my biggest fears.
  • The Eazy Bandz giveaway is OVER and we have a winner: lucky number 13, which happens to be Jill!  I tallied all the entry comments and threw them into a random number generator and then double-checked to make sure I hadn’t overlooked anyone.  Hopefully this means no more headbands lost while you’re running, Jill!  I’ll send you an email with details about how to claim your goods.
  • Finally, since just about every other item in this list seems to be about me, I’ll mention the fact that I would love for you to contribute to Embrace:Me.  I am looking for blog posts (original or republished), photos, videos, basically any form of expression you’ve used to celebrate your body positivity.  I’ve finally updated the Embrace:Me page so if you’re looking for a little inspiration, all the posts in the series can be found there.  And don’t forget that you can also find Embrace:Me on Facebook.
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  1. i LOVED your guest post, by the way. i tried leaving a comment but for some reason it wouldn’t let me? so i just wanted to tell you how well written and intriguing it was! definitely had a (good) strong reaction to it.

    thanks for the links!!

  2. thanks so much for linking my humble post! I’m glad I came upon your site 🙂 I may just submit something to embrace:me. great link round-up here, too.

    1. you’re so welcome, thanks for writing it in the first place! I would love to have you submit something–feel free to send something any time 🙂

  3. I’m excited to be the winner of the Eazy Bandz giveaway!

    I want to read that book! You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on it when you finish!

    I had missed that NY Times article… that’s such a difficult subject! I love Jenni Schaefer’s idea of being “Recovered.” (Recovered… period!) But I’d also be foolish to not think that if I was in a tough time that I wouldn’t resort to restricting again. I have a huge set of skills that I’ve acquired throughout recovery and I’m more able to recognize warning signs in myself, but the signs still come up when I am stressed. And these are just little stressors… I’m a little afraid that I’ll carry that ED demon around forever… but at least it won’t be as loud in my brain. So I guess that is “recovered”. Maybe “remission” is a better phrase… my mom has been in remission from cancer twice, but there is always the chance that it could come back if the circumstances are “just right”.

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