Sunday run-down: April 18-24

The only place I want to be right now.

Well one thing’s for sure: this week was an improvement over last week.  It took some work, but I managed to keep the depression that pulled me under last weekend at bay.  Unfortunately, though, it was an exhausting week!  And I’m not entirely sure why!  Here’s how the running went:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 7.96 miles (looking back I’m surprised I didn’t bother running another .o4 just to get a round number up there) of speed work!

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest, again.  By the time I got home from work I felt like I could have gone to sleep and slept through the night.

Friday: an AMAZING 7.5 miles

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 4 miles, 1.5 of which was walking.  This was supposed to be 10 miles, but as soon as I started my legs were resisting.  Initially I thought I’d be fine once I got warmed up but things didn’t improve.  Every step felt like a huge amount of effort.  I started with a pace of about 10:20/mile, which is about 40-60 seconds slower than my easy-cruising pace, so I should have been feeling all right, but it felt like a struggle just to go that speed.  When I decided to just walk home, all I really wanted to do was just sit down for a long, long time.  The most frustrating thing is that not doing the long run you’ve been planning all week is really unsatisfying.

I think there were a few factors influencing how this run went: 1) I could have hydrated much better, not just today, but over the past few days; 2) I could have been eating better over the past few days; 3) I’ve been tired all week, and I knew I was tired going into this run, and I think the running I did on Friday and Saturday probably just made me even more tired; 4) I think I’ve hit a little bit of a mental wall since my less-than-ideal 15k a few weeks ago.  Since that experience I’ve been running well but I’ve really faltered on long runs.  The first three factors are pretty straightforward adjustments, but the last one is going to take some work.

So!  Goal for this week: get back to food journaling.  I’m better at just eating than I have been, but what I’m eating could use some improvement.  It’s not that I’m eating junk, it’s just that I’m sometimes not maximizing my meal’s potential, and that’s what I’d like to be doing.  I’m hoping that journaling will help me see where the changes could be made, and also help me to be more consistent with hydration.

Do you have any goals for this week?  Share them in the comments.  And don’t forget to enter the Eazy Bandz giveaway!

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  1. Yes, I have a few important goals this week. I’m really unhappy in my living situation, so I aim to go look at a few places before the week is up–I need to take action and make things happen in that regard rather than simply complaining about it. I also aim to contribute creatively at my new job, since I seem to be doing well with the more systematic components of the job and am being encouraged to offer my ideas. (When I was in this industry in the past, I couldn’t contain my ideas, but for some reason, I now find myself taking it really slow–maybe out of fear or maybe just because I’m adjusting–and it’s time to step it up.) Thirdly, and how fitting, I’m working on running more often and incorporating more yoga so I’m exercising at least 3 times a week and ideally four.

    I doubt all three (or even one) of this major goals will be accomplished in one week, but I can set my intentions, focus, and give my best energy to the effort! Which is what you’re great at, Emilie! Miss you!

  2. well this past week i worked out 4/7 days and the week before 2/7 so i need to actually work out this week and not take so many days off. :-/ i do have a marathon in 3 weeks… yikes.

    also i like how i am a related article? are those randomly generated or do you pick them? i still don’t know how they work in Blogger.

    1. I get to choose the related articles. I don’t know, this plug-in I have just gives me a list, and sometimes I can’t figure out what the connections are. I thought I’d throw you in there just for fun! Also you are pretty much always in marathon shape, you rock the house!

    1. You can do it, just remember to take it slow and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t do as much as you planned!

  3. I hate that running wall. I usually take a break and focus on other cardio activities. Maybe try a dance class or new yoga. A week off can do wonders!

    1. That’s true, sometimes I have my best runs after a week off. I really should do some yoga–I bet it would help me push out of this little rut I’m stuck in. Thanks for the tip!

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