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Grete Waitz finishing the 1983 New York marathon. Image via the New York Times

Whew, I am pooped you guys!  It’s been a long-but-good day of running-related shenanigans.  Of course there’s no other way I’d like to spend the day, but I’m happy to be in for the evening and ready to spend some quality time with Nat.  But! not before we take a look at what’s been going on around these here ‘nets this past week.

  • The running world lost one of its brightest stars with the passing of Grete Waitz, who was, among other things, a pioneer in women’s running.  The New York Times has a great obituary.
  • JackRabbit Sports announced the 6 finalists in the Run for the Rabbit Campaign.  This is probably the last I’ll be saying about it (well, maybe, who knows?) but if you’d like to learn more about the finalists and the charities they are fundraising for, you can get the low-down here.
  • The University of Virginia‘s student newspaper, the Cavalier Daily ran what was, at best, an ill-advised attempt at satire.  Emily has an excellent response.
  • The Demoiselles (I have a blog crush) are talking about Gisele Bundchen and Photoshop, but probably not in the way you’d think.
  • If you’re not reading Virginia‘s posts on Never Say Diet, you should be.  Pop on over there and join the discussion about a new study that suggests being around overweight people will make you fat.
  • Finally, some shameless self-promotion: enter this giveaway for Eazy Bandz!  You can enter up to FOUR times, and Eazy Bandz are great.  The giveaway is running until next Friday.
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