Don’t Do What Emilie Don’t Does: Urban Thunderstorm Edition

I’m always incredibly flattered when someone tells me I’ve inspired them in some way.  Sometimes, though, I start to think that if those people only knew about some of the stupider things I’ve done…this evening I bring you a few ways to act intelligently–and not the way I acted, mind you–while in a thunderstorm.  (And just a word to the wise: if you check the weather and it looks anything like this:

you might want to either reschedule your run or go to the gym.  To be fair, that’s not what it looked like when I checked before leaving…)

  • DO consult more than one website for the weather before leaving for your run.  DON’T assume that the lull you see on the Weather Channel‘s radar map will take place just because TWC says it will.
  • DO consider shortening your run if it starts raining, and just keeps raining harder and harder while you’re running.  DON’T stubbornly ignore it and hope it will go away.
  • DO pick somewhere to run that won’t be mostly made up of puddles.  DON’T decide that running on a slightly uneven, puddle-prone dirt path on a day when it’s been raining for hours and hours is a good idea.
  • DO try to identify somewhere safe to go for shelter when you start noticing lightning and thunder.  DON’T just start running faster, thinking that maybe your rubber-soled shoes will still keep you safe even though they are water-logged from all the puddles you’ve run through.
  • DO always remember to bring some money and/or your public transit pass with you just in case you end up in a thunderstorm.  DON’T always think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll do that next time” before every run you go on.
  • DO try to get out of the storm as quickly as you can.  DON’T look around you and figure that if there are other people out, you’ll probably be fine.  After all, the more targets there are for lightning, the less likely you are to be one!
  • DO remember to stretch when you get home. DON’T get so preoccupied by how cold and wet you are when you get home that you completely forget to stretch even though you did your speed work and your legs are probably going to hate you tomorrow for neglecting to stretch them out.
  • DO always bring some form of identification with you, like a RoadID, just in case something unexpected happens.  DON’T keep putting off getting a RoadID because you can’t decide whether the money it costs would be better spent on groceries.
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  1. Haha! Sounds like our conversation last night. My favorite is the one about the other targets out in the storm! Glad you are safe and sound as well as warm and dry now.

    1. The surprise pick-up is always the best! That’s actually another “DO”–always tell someone what your route is before you leave.

      Hail is the worst! We had some here recently (I of course managed to be outside in it) and I just couldn’t get over how much it hurt and how miserable it made me. I can’t imagine having to run in it!

      1. Yeah, living in Alberta means shitty weather a lot of the time. Like today, we’re under a severe snowfall warning with 5-10cm falling, and whiteout conditions right now *FROWN*

  2. lol. the weather maps are tricky… they almost always lie to me!

    road id’s are so worth it. and they’re only $20. seriously, how can anyone be in debate over $20.

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure how I can justify debating $20 but I do! I’m really paranoid about money. Every time I think, “Oh, I should get X Y or Z” I immediately think, “But I might need that money for A B or C!!!!” It’s mostly psychological, but it also has to do with the fact that my job has like the lowest salary ever. I can admit that it’s totally ridiculous, though!

      1. lol. i am kind of like that… my jeans are from college and they’re not ripped or holey yet, but sometimes i think i should get a new pair. so i go shop for a new pair… and then talk myself out of buying them. i do this with anything… um even a bag of chips for $2.79. i have to remind myself that it’s OK sometimes to spend money.

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