Body of Knowledge

Body of Knowledge ~ Jaume Plensa

Body of Knowledge. Image by kleintjef via Flickr

It’s Saturday!  I’ve been feeling crummy all day long–looks like we’re back to those days.  It’s no fun over here, since my stomach is upset, my head hurts, and my teeth hurt too (I know, it’s like WHAT?!).  And when I feel physically bad, I have a hard time not feeling emotionally bad as well.  So rather than ramble on about that, I thought I’d take today as an opportunity to start a new weekly feature!  I’m calling it Body of Knowledge, and I’ll be rounding up the best the web has to offer on the week in health and fitness, and body-loving goodness.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy!  And if you have something to contribute, whether it’s something you came across or something you wrote, send it my way so I can link up to it in the future!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! Sorry about the tummy troubles and such :(. I’m going to read some of those articles. I already read the one about being fit and fat bc I got it on my runner’s world emails ;).

    1. Definitely no fun! It’s the worst when your teeth and other weird body parts that don’t usually hurt end up hurting 😦 I’d imagine it’s especially unpleasant when it coincides with sinus problems.

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