Day 26

My hotel room has lots of mirrors in it.  I have a love/hate relationship with mirrors.  Sometimes I want to avoid them at all costs.  Other times, I put on Britney Spears and dance in front of them in my underwear.  Today, I spent some time looking at my least favorite body parts, and examining the flaws.

In the end, I came to the following conclusion: these are not flaws.  These are parts of my body.  They are part of who I am, and my experience of them and with them has influenced who I have become as a person.  They have worked hard to power me up hills, through thousands of miles of running, hundreds of chatturangas, and every other challenge that I’ve faced in my 29 years on this planet.

I will no longer look in the mirror and see a body that needs toning, shaping, and refining.  Instead, I will see a body that is exactly what I need, right now.

What will you see when you look in the mirror?

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  1. Beautiful! And you posted pictures – braver than most people I know and a great way to acknowledge your acceptance. I, too, dislike some parts of my body and I’m trying very hard to accept them as part of the whole. You’re a great inspiration and I love the message you are putting out there!

  2. you’re beautiful & your body is strong! congrats on coming to those conclusions. i have to work on my attitude towards my body every day, but i am learning to push away those negative thoughts and working on appreciating the things it can do now!

  3. Just wanted to say it’s really brave for you to post this on here. I try to focus on what my body can do (yoga, pound out mile after mile, lift weights, work each day), rather than what it looks like, but that’s super hard =/.

  4. You. Are. Amazing.

    And a huge inspiration to everyone who struggles to accept what we see in the mirror. xoxo

    PS. I owe you an email — sorry to be so slow! Deadline craziness, but things get less insane next week.

  5. i would def not be brave to post my buddha belly. mine makes one big roll with a few smaller rolls to accompany it. it’s like it ate your mini-rolls 🙂 you are def brave to post the pics — and i like what amy lauren said – focus on what the body accomplishes more than how it looks.

  6. I’ve fallen really behind on blogs, so I’m catching up on about 13 posts of yours! I’m going to try to not inundate you with a little comment on each post, but I had to comment on this entry.

    I’m glad that you’re reframing how you look at your body! That can be hard… I was hyper-critical for a long long long time. But all the sudden in the past couple weeks I’ve started looking at my body and thinking “It is what it is”. It’s not like I can make my legs longer, or change the shape of my ears or make my butt flatter… they’re all a part of Jill and I’m starting to realize that Jill is a pretty decent person!

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