Sunday run-down: March 21-27

7th Course: Tasting of Ice Creams

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All in all, this week was a good week.  This particular day of this week, however, has been an exception.  Stomach upset, botched race, failed afternoon nap…things just aren’t going my way.  I also have the sort of feeling in my throat/nose that makes me think I might be catching a cold (ANOTHER ONE?!).  Hopefully I’m wrong about that, and it turns out I’m just tired (which is entirely plausible).  I’m feeling sufficiently sorry for myself that I really just want to eat some ice cream and call it a day.  I’m not sure my stomach would be all that happy about the dairy, though, and Nat’s not supposed to be eating any sugar, so ice cream might not be the best idea.  Instead, I’ll just look at this picture of ice cream.  Yum.

At any rate, brass tacks:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Hills!  4.8 miles of hills!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Ugh, sick.  Stupid stomach.

Friday: 6.4 miles (oh, yeah, I can make up for that mileage I missed by being sick on Thursday!  No problem!)

Saturday: 6.7 miles (yeah, SUPER great idea the day before a 15k race)

Sunday: 9.3 miles (I’ll do a race report sometime this week.  Right now I don’t really want to talk about it)

Total mileage: 27.2 miles

I’m kind of mad at myself, because I know based on how I’m feeling today (and my performance this morning) that I overdid it this week.  Instead of listening to my body and easing up on mileage to get a bit more rested, I pushed hard so that I could get 26 or 27 miles for the week, which was just not necessary.  The worst part is that I have a training plan for the Brooklyn half-marathon in May, but instead of following it I look at the miles and think, “Oh, I can do more than that.”  It’s not the best approach.  So this week’s mini-goal will be to stick to the plan: no additional mileage, and if I do end up having to take a sick day because of my defective stomach, no scrambling to make up the mileage I missed.

Embrace:Me 30-day challenge, day 22: I’ve tried a couple things today, none of which has stuck.  I worked really hard to be forgiving toward myself for my race this morning, but that hasn’t really worked; I tried to take a long nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep; I had my favorite salad for lunch, and my stomach is now feeling really off.  I think the nicest thing I can probably do at this point is accept that I’ve tried throughout the day to do nice things for myself, and give myself a break.

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  1. After running a 15K, regardless of what your time was and how unhappy you are about it (I can tell), you definitely need a break! Take a day or two off from working out and just let yourself heal- it’s not like you’ll be taking off weeks at a time and lose speed or anything. Your body’s telling you to rest and you’ll bounce right back.

    As far as the half training plan goes… don’t push yourself too far with the miles. When I trained for mine, I ran 20-22 miles per week. I still finished in 2:08. Sure, I could have pushed it and ran more and all… but would it REALLY have helped me much? I think NOT running each day helped me more because running every other day, I had quality runs and wasn’t slogging through from being wiped out.


    1. I do need to be more careful about pushing the mileage. I always end up getting a little over-zealous and falling into that trap. You’re right that there is a lot of value in pushing less hard but being in better shape–Hal Higdon really emphasizes in Marathon how it’s much better to show up at the starting line undertrained than overtrained, because overtraining can be so damaging.

    1. That’s really true! As soon as I managed to do that about things that had happened yesterday, I felt a lot better. Today when I think back on the race, I just kind of realize that there will be other races, and it’s okay that this one didn’t go the way I planned You can’t have control over everything!

    1. Oh, I probably couldn’t run 4.8 miles straight uphill! I think that would kill me. I just run hill repeats. The hill I run is (I think) about .25 miles, and this past week I did 5 repeats, each one followed by a recovery period. And then my warm-up and cool-down get added in, so it’s not nearly as hardcore as it seems 🙂

      What kind of hill work do you do on the treadmill? I would like to have a good treadmill hill workout up my sleeve just in case I end up not being able to run outside on a day when I want to do hill training!

  2. Sometimes I have a day where nothing has gone right, and it feels like it’s all my fault, and I’m not happy with myself, and I can’t settle down and I get majorly cranky. Then I stop myself and say, what would cheer you up right now? What simple thing could you do to feel better? Usually, it’s taking a hot shower and reading a favorite book, or watching a favorite show on tv. So, I say, ok, do that and don’t worry about today anymore. Start again tomorrow. Sometimes it works.

    1. That’s a good strategy. Sometimes it seems like you just have to accept that no matter what you do, things may not go right. Accepting it and doing something simple that you enjoy is a really good way to move on from dwelling on that. Great suggestion!

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