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Happy Embrace:Me Monday, everyone!  How was your day?  Have you done anything nice for yourself?  Well, I know Thais has, because she wrote the lovely post that is tonight’s Embrace:Me contribution.  I met Thais through Twitter, and we connected through our mutual love for the great state of Maryland.  Meeting people like Thais is one of the reasons I love blogging and enjoy tools like Twitter–they put you in contact with people who share your interests but whom you never would have met otherwise.


It’s pretty easy to see how much we need self-love in this society. There is no doubt that we sorely lack compassion and love for the person we deal with more often than anyone – ourselves. Time and time again I hear that it’s time we stop with our self-hate, diet talk, and body image issues. Girls are the age of EIGHT are starting to think about “being fat”! This blog and many others out there want to fight against all this nonsense. Want to make us see that we really are worthy of our own love. Because as cliché as it might be to say, the statement is VERY much true – we cannot fully love others until we love ourselves.

The problem is HOW. After spending years upon years talking ourselves down and judging/critiquing every part of our bodies, how do we suddenly start loving ourselves? How do we turn off that little voice in our head that says awfully mean things about our looks, personality, intelligence, etc?  And, even more than that, how do we befriend ourselves and want to be in our own company if all we hear is the inner critic constantly making us feel unworthy?

So here are a couple of my own ideas of how YOU can start the self-loving process. It’s all in the baby steps so do not feel discouraged!! Remember – life is about the process not the results.

1)   Every time you pass a mirror say one nice thing about yourself. I know when I look at myself in any mirror I tend to pick out my flaws. So now, whenever I catch a reflection of myself I force myself to INSTANTLY think only of nice things. Do you constantly criticize your best friend? If you did, do you think your friendship would last long? Next time you judge yourself harshly in the mirror; make a decision to be your own best friend. What do you have to lose?

2)  Make a list of 5 things you like about yourself. Then ask someone who loves you dearly (could be a parent, a friend, a family member) to add another 5 things to the list. Make a few copies and place it around your house where you are sure to see it. I keep one in my wallet, one on my bathroom mirror and one on the fridge.

3)  Do something that you are good at. Increasing your confidence by doing something you love helps build your self love. Just don’t let yourself get too vested in your talent! If you have an off day that is TOTALLY OK!!! We are human and therefore far from perfect.

4)  Spread the love. Compliment other people. Try to say one sweet thing to a stranger a day. You will be surprised at how great that makes you feel AND it makes other people feel good too!

Now my recommendation is to focus on ONE of these suggestions for a few weeks. Self-love takes work! We are going up against a powerful media that works hard in making us believe that there is something wrong with us. Something that can be fixed with their mascara or the right scarf. But we know better than that. We know that no matter what we own – we will never be perfect enough for the media. They make sure to remind us that every day! And why should we strive for that? I am proud of my individuality and you should be proud of yours! Together, one person at a time, we can fight them!

Thank you, Thais, for sharing this contribution and for the wonderful tips you have to offer!  If you’d like to contribute a post, video, picture, or anything else to Embrace:Me please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.  Don’t forget that you can also show your support for Embrace:Me and positive body image on Facebook, and you can also be the proud owner of a beautiful Embrace:Me sticker!  Let me know if you’d like a sticker in the comments below.  And to those of you with whom I’ve already been in touch about stickers, I’ll be putting them in the mail this week!

Embrace:Me 30-day challenge, day 16: I can’t believe it’s day 16.  Today I’m taking a tip from Thais’s Embrace:Me post, and I’m going to write down 5 things I like about myself and hang them up where I can see them.  Maybe I’ll even make a few copies to keep in different places, too 🙂  What are you doing today to treat yourself with love and respect?

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  1. Great post! So much truth in this, I know I can relate. I also like the idea of listing 5 things about yourself and then getting someone else to contribute – fabulous idea to have those positive things in front of you as a constant reminder! 🙂 Love it!

  2. i feel like when i’m “picking out my flaws in the mirror” they are real things – usually i notice the peeling/red spot on my forehead for example. on one hand i feel like that’s ok b/c it’s legit (vs a general “i’m ugly” or something), but on the other i should still not focus on one spot and focus on something else instead. i am definitely bad at self-love, i will admit that!

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