Sunday run-down: March 14-20

Stomach diagram in Inkscape.

Image via Wikipedia. Obviously this is not me because if it were it would be an image of someone curled up in bed feeling sorry for herself.

I haven’t been running yet, and there are still a couple hours of daylight left, so posting my Sunday run-down at 5:30 seems almost preemptive.  But guess what?  I’ve been inside all day feeling sick to my stomach (and crying about feeling sick to my stomach).  I don’t really think the four miles I had planned today are going to happen.  I don’t even think I could manage two miles.  I’ve also considered trying yoga, but I don’t think that will be happening either.  I had a really productive day planned, actually.  Nausea and crying were not on the agenda, but they’re the only things I’ve been able to accomplish.

As far as my stomach is concerned, here is what I am pretty sure about: it’s stress-related, and it’s probably IBS.  So if you have any advice on managing IBS, I’m all ears.  And desperate.  It’s at the point where if someone said, “You will be able to get rid of your IBS symptoms if you go on a high raw diet“, I’d do it.  I can’t take any more of these days where I feel so bad that I don’t want to leave the house.  It really, really takes a toll on quality of life after a while.

On a brighter note, let’s move on to the running.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4.25 miles of hills

Wednesday: 7.36 miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Sick

Saturday: 9.2 mile long run

Sunday: Sick

Total mileage: 20.82 miles

That’s a good total, but I’m unhappy about it.  It’s amazing just how much being sick can bring you down.  I feel bad about Embrace:Me, my blog, my mileage, the fact that I didn’t do any yoga this week, my body, how unhappy I am with so many things in my life (and the fact that I’m terrified that I won’t be able to find a way to deal with all those things)…you name it, I feel bad about it.  I can’t think of something nice to do for myself.  And the worst part is that I know all this negativity is just making my stomach feel worse.  Maybe a run would actually end up helping for that reason.  I don’t know.

[Updated: I just got back from a four-mile run.  My stomach felt fine the entire time.  Now that I’m back at home, the nausea is back.  Obviously this means I just need to run all the time, and never stop.  Like Forrest Gump.]

Embrace:Me 30-day Challenge day 15: I guess the best thing I could possible do for myself right now is just give myself a break.  I may grab my ipod and take a walk.  It won’t be a run, but it might at least help a bit to get moving and out for some fresh air.  I definitely need to turn this beat around one way or another.

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    1. I don’t think so, because that would mean that it’s the same thing in every different indoor environment, which seems unlikely. I’m sure it’s stress-related, and I’m not stressed when I’m running. When I stop running, though, it’s just a matter of time before the stress sets back in.

  1. I am sorry to hear you are suffering like this!

    There are some great studies of probiotic supplements having benefits for IBS (and just general stomach issues). Certain strains are better than others and it is important to make sure the brand is reputable (so that the active cultures are actually there). I take one daily just to keep things all okay, and highly recommend them.

    Good luck, I hope this next week is better!

    1. Thanks! You know, I’ve tried taking a probiotic before and I’ve just never stuck with it (I’m terrible at remembering to take pills, vitamins, etc). I’ll have to try it again and be more consistent. I guess yogurt is probably good too, as long as it has live and active cultures. I appreciate the tip!

  2. sorry to hear you’re so sick and feeling so down. as for the IBS, the only advice (guidance, really) i have is to take a look at gena, the author of the blog, also has IBS but no longer experiences symptoms since altering her diet!

    also, something nice to do for yourself: take a bath. take twenty minutes and do some lovely stretchy yoga that involves deep breathing. read a good book. play upbeat music. meditate. write out a list of affirmations and force yourself to say them outloud (if you’re just plain unmotivated to find anything awesome about yourself to write down, write down what others tell you about you!).

    i really hope you feel better soon! sending you positive vibes!

    1. Thanks, Zoe! Reading your comment definitely helped me feel better 🙂 Those are great ideas about positive things to do, it can be so hard to come up with them when you’re not feeling well, so it’s nice to have a few to turn to here! I’ll also take a look at Gena’s blog. I’ve read it off and on over the years but I could definitely afford to put a bit more time into looking into a raw diet if it will help out with my stomach issues.

  3. ahh, the ‘conditions’ that medicine has no concrete answer for. i am with you sister! i just experiment with different foods to avoid. i did gluten-free once, no change, so i know it’s not gluten. now i’m trying dairy… i don’t have ibs, but i do have autoimmune issues that medicine hasn’t helped. i am reading “the china study” and it is helping me reconsider my food choices. i’ll have to check the index and see if it mentions ibs in it – i’ll let you know.

    i hope you feel better soon!

    1. I’ve heard about the China Study. How is it? I would definitely be interested in anything it says about IBS.

      And isn’t it a drag when there’s no real solution to the problem? I’m thinking about cutting down on dairy because I know I rely on it as a source of protein a bit too much, and it tends to be unkind to my stomach. Hopefully we can both get things sorted out!

      1. it’s great so far (in my opinion, but i’m open towards this kind of stuff – i’m sure a meat & potatoes guy would not be…)

        i checked the index, ibs isn’t broken out there (though neither are any of my conditions) otherwise i totally would have scanned those pages and emailed them to you! still, maybe some of the other stuff would be close-enough to relate? i think i got this for $10 off amazon. course the library would be free. i’d mail you mine but i am only on page 99 so you’d be waiting a bit 🙂

      2. Haha, I’m very open toward that kind of stuff too. I’ll check and see what the kindle price is. I’m reading Health at Every Size right now, but moving through it slowly just because I’m not spending much time reading these days, so who knows? You may be done with your book before I’m done with mine!

  4. Probiotics – I’d definitely try that. I think it’s recommended by progressive doctors for the general population.

    I’d read as much as possible about IBS, including the following:
    Maybe be checked for helicobacter bacteria (sp?)?

    Here’s some more reading:

    My mom has IBS and says raw broccoli bothers her. I’m sure everyone’s different. But maybe try to really analyze your diet.

    Good luck & hope you feel better!

    1. Yeah, I’ve read that a lot of people with IBS tend to have a hard time with vegetables that are prone to giving you gas (like broccoli, cabbage, etc.) You’re right, though, it would be good to take a close look at diet and see if there are symptoms that I can connect with certain foods. I’ll also definitely check out that reading material. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You poor, poor kid! IBS is so awful. It’s worse than back spasms. (I can’t speak to labor pains, sorry).

    I had horrible IBS for about 3 years until this January. I can’t claim that I got better through my own hard work or anything, but I just wanted you to know that it does sometimes go away. (I lost a bit of weight, so that might be it,on the other hand it might be totally unrelated.)

    As for finding your trigger foods- it can be something expected (broccoli & cauliflaur) or unexpected (no kidding, my doctor told me about another patient whose IBS was caused by the orange dye in cheddar cheese.)

    I really hope you get better soon!

    1. Aww, thanks! It’s good to know that things can get better. Today hasn’t been that bad, thankfully (as far as the nausea is concerned, anyway). I’m really going to try to track my foods and symptoms to see if there are any patterns.

      Thanks for your support 🙂

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