Roger Daltrey

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Dear Roger Daltrey,

Happy Birthday!  Today you are 67.

In other words, you are 37 years older than I am; however, I am still in love with you.  I have always wanted to meet you, but as I grow older and start to run out of ideas about how to get our paths to cross, I’ve begun to face the fact that this might never happen.  That’s okay, though.  I will still think you are one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

Thanks for everything!  Maybe one day we will meet after all.



Embarrassing confession: when I was young(er) and more unabashedly in love with the man pictured above, I used to work the four digits of his birth date into things like usernames of mine.  So if you ever come across an ’emilie3144′ somewhere, chances are it’s me.

So here we are in March, lovelies!  Spring is springing, the snow is melting, and I am once again taking a look at how things are progressing this year.  Last month, I made an effort to follow through on things, and I did fairly well.  I still need to get a move on with those Groupon deals I have with a couple yoga studios, though, and I’m hoping to get that started this week.  I had a one-week setback with my running mileage, but for the most part things went well in that area.  And as I established this past Sunday, I’d like to be working a bit harder to get some yoga and core work into my weekly routine.  These are things I’ll continue to work on in March.

I’d also like to focus on comfort zones this month.  In some ways, I’ve pushed out of my comfort zones lately, but in others, I’ve really let myself get used to avoiding situations that may make me uncomfortable but may also result in personal growth and positive change.  I don’t really want to end up completely avoiding certain things or situations because it’s easier to do that than to confront them, so I think it’s time to nip this habit in the bud.  And what better time to do it than now?  Here are some of the ways I want to push past my comfort zone this month:

  • Incorporate speedwork or hill training into my weekly running routine.
  • Work progressively toward getting over my tendency to avoid shopping for and preparing food.
  • Go out for at least one non-running activity on weekends.
  • Write blog posts ahead of time so that I can free up my evenings to work on projects that I’ve been putting off for a long time and for no reason other than the fact that they make me anxious.

The second goal is probably the most important thing on that list to me right now, because I have almost become a professional when it comes to avoiding situations where I have to be directly involved with food.  I still eat regularly, but I put a lot (or, *ahem* all) of the burden of food shopping and preparation on Nat, which isn’t fair.  It also doesn’t help me to feel very empowered when it comes to my recovery when I take this passive approach to what’s going on food-wise.  I’d really like to try doing a little bit more every week.  This week, for instance, my goal will be to put in an order for groceries with Fresh Direct.  Seems kind of lame, right?  But that’s where I am right now, and for me it’s a challenge.

Is there anything you’re hoping to accomplish this month?


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  1. I love the first part of this! I still find things around the house, Roger Daltry things, that make me think about you. For instance, I have a silly old plastic keyring of yours with Roger D. on one side and the British flag on the other side. Should have thrown it in the trash, but I saved it for you just in case. Stuff like that.
    Good luck getting outside of your comfort zone! Remember your ol’ swimming coach and how he used to tell you that? He was ahead of his time.

    1. Well wait, first of all, it’s Roger DaltrEy, I can’t believe you forgot that! LOL. Second, don’t throw that away! That’s one of my most prized possessions! I know it’s even broken, but it’s broken out of love. I’ll take it next time I come home.

  2. Good luck with your goals- all of us are at different levels, so as long as they’re right for you, it’s all good. I’m really good about purchasing food… I do it because I know I have a better sense of money management compared to my fiance, but I don’t cook. Like.. EVER!

    Plus… once you do something outside of your comfort zone, it becomes sooo much easier to do other things outside of it. Just small steps really lead to giant leaps. I’ve learned that lately.

    1. That is definitely true about stepping outside your comfort zone. I’ve gotten better at it with some things and it has taken me far. Now I just have to learn to push out in different ways. I’m happy to hear that you’ve had positive experiences as a result of doing things outside your comfort zone!

  3. you’re really great at setting goals – it’s clear that you really think through them and what you need in your life right now. i like reading them!

    i set a list of goals for march on my blog yesterday – it’s a LONG list! i have an intense month of school/work. so i should probably stop reading blogs and go accomplish some of that work!!! geez…

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Good luck getting through everything this month. Having been a student for a loooong time, I know how tempting blog-reading can be when your other options involve studying!

  4. Oh Emilie. Never change. Is that a recent pic of Roger, btw? Because if so he continues to look amazing. Damn that man has aged well, especially considering he’s a member of THE WHO for God’s sake.

    I checked the pic and it’s from 2009, which is only two years ago. Damn Roger, you still fine.

    1. He is a real-life Dorian Grey. Also, I will never change. Every year I will continue to celebrate Roger Daltrey’s birthday although it was an actual holiday!

    1. There’s still a possibility! I mean, the two of you would both have to get divorced, but keep in mind that Katie Holmes said she wanted to marry Tom Cruise when she was young. And look at her now!

  5. For me, it’s Sean Astin, all because of Goonies.

    I’m also terrible at shopping for and preparing foods. I don’t really like to cook, so I find myself picking out the exact same food on every shopping trip and none of it can be made into dinner.

    The only thing that ever helps me is to actually pick a recipe first, then shop for just those things on the list, then make that one thing. Not very creative, but it helps.

    1. Aww, Sean Astin is adorable. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy are among my favorite movies, so I definitely have a place in my heart for him!

      I like your idea of just focusing on one dish–that makes the shopping and food preparation seem much less overwhelming and daunting! I’ll have to give that a try.

  6. hahaha. yikes that’s a bit crazy of a crush there 😉

    i don’t necessarily see anything wrong with nat food shopping + cooking as long as he doesn’t mind. i would just try to make sure you are pulling the same kind of weight in another area (cleaning yay! or something) to balance it out. i don’t know nat, but i would think he doesn’t mind doing the food stuff because it’s a way for him to help you overcome your difficulties relating to food.

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