Sunday run-down February 21-27 (and the ABCs)

Happy Sunday evening to all!  Well, another week draws to a close, and at almost the same time as the month ends.  February always sort of seems like the longest month in spite of the fact that it’s the shortest, so I’m not particularly sad to see it go.  That being said, this last week was not a bad one (especially in comparison to last week’s disappointments).  I decided to adjust my schedule a little bit, as I had previously been setting Mondays as a run day and Tuesdays as a yoga day and then consistently having Mondays end up as a rest day because I’d miss my morning wake-up call (by which I mean my alarm clock) and get home too late to go out for a run.  Even though I ended up missing Tuesday as a run day, I still managed to get in four solid days and meet my mileage goal.  Yippee!

  • Monday: Hot power fusion yoga
  • Tuesday: sick (lingering cold and upset stomach)
  • Wednesday: 5.5 miles with my LUNAChix team
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 4.3 miles on the treadmill (speed work!)
  • Saturday: 7.5 miles (long run)
  • Sunday: 4.2 miles

Total miles: 21.5 (my goal was 21).  I wish I had made time for more yoga and core work (WHY am I so bad at fitting in my core work?), and doing so will definitely be a goal for this week.  Which brings us to my Monday mini-goal!  This week, I want to focus on getting in 2 yoga practices and 2 core work sessions.  If I can manage that and turn the core work into a hobby, I’ll be really pleased.

File:ABC trim ABC.jpg

Source: Wikipedia Commons

And now for something completely different…This has been making its was around the blogosphere and I wanted to join in on the fun.  So here we go: my life through the alphabet!

Age: 29

Bed Size: Full

Chore You Hate: I can’t think of a chore I like, to be honest.  Cleaning is satisfying, but I still hate it.

Dogs? Not yet.

Essential Start Your Day Item: Coffee

Favorite Color: probably purple or pink.  Or green.  I also like gray.

Gold or Silver? Silver (or white gold)

Height: 5’6″

Instruments You Play: I dabble in the ukulele, and I used to play the piano, clarinet, and recorder (to the extent that anyone really “plays” the recorder).  And I can play the kazoo.

Job Title: Editorial Assistant

Kids: No, and no plans to have them.

Live: New York City

Mom’s Name: Susan

Nicknames: Em, Lugy, Monkey

Overnight Hospital Stays? Yes

Pet Peeve: So many I wouldn’t know where to start.

Quote from a Movie: “You guys have it real easy. I never had it like this where I grew up. But I send my kids here because the fact is you go to one of the best schools in the country: Rushmore. Now, for some of you it doesn’t matter. You were born rich and you’re going to stay rich. But here’s my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down. Just remember, they can buy anything but they can’t buy backbone. Don’t let them forget it. Thank you.”– Herman Blume’s speech in Rushmore, the Greatest Movie of All Time.

Right or Left Handed? Right

Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 older and 1 younger

Time You Wake Up? 7:00 on weekdays, usually around 8:00 on weekends

Underwear: What about them? Yes, I wear them.

Vegetable You Dislike: Ugh, collard greens.

What Makes You Run Late: Nat, or the subway.

X-Rays You’ve Had Done: teeth and arm

Yummy Food You Make: I can’t remember the last time I made any food, to be honest.

Zoo, Favorite Animal: I would say I like them all, but that would be a lie.  So instead I’ll say I like most of them.


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    1. Thanks, Sarah! The ABC thing is a lot of fun, definitely a different way to present information about yourself, although I’m still confused about that underwear one?

  1. hey i had a related article to this. how do you link those? i’ve always wondered. although you’re on wp and i’m on blogger so i’m sure it’s easier wp.

    anyway, i love these random things. cleaning is satisfying! but i still hate it. but it does feel good to have everything clean and tidy… what a catch-22.

    1. Oh, I totally should have linked to it! Sorry 😦 The related articles thing is through zemanta, which just pulls images, link words, and articles up and you can choose to link to them automatically just by clicking on them. It’s totally the lazy way to make it look like you put effort into sometihng and you TOTALLY CALLED ME ON IT!

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