Sunday run-down: February 14-20

This week started out with a lot of promise and I was so excited!  And then Friday, around mid-day, I developed a feeling in my throat that I know all-too-well: the dreaded nasal drip.  Friday, Saturday, and most of today I’ve been wiped out and totally exhausted, which pretty much wiped out my running.  Oh well, I guess I’ll make 19 miles next week.  The week in review:

Monday: rest

Tuesday: yoga (Core Yoga #1, which means that I also got my core work in!)

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: sick

Sunday: sick

As my mother commented tonight, tomorrow is a new week.  My cold seems to have already moved down into my chest, which usually means it’s on the way out (or at least out of my head, and it’s that phase of the cold that always makes me tired and unable to run).

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support after my last post.  It’s been a difficult week for me, emotionally, and I’ve found myself coming up against the same obstacle again and again–the fact that I don’t think too highly of myself.  My mini goals for this week are going to focus on working toward treating myself a bit more nicely than I do now.  Of course I don’t expect to end up being my best friend by the time I do my next Sunday run-down, but maybe I’ll feel slightly better.  My plan is to reduce some blog stress by doing a combination of short posts and thoughtful, longer posts.  I’m hoping this will mean that blogging, in general, will take less of a toll.  Another goal will be to keep track of any negative talk I find myself doing so that I can challenge it and work on eliminating it.

How did your week go?  Feel free to share your goals for this week in the comments!



  1. aww, i’m sorry you aren’t feeling well! i’m glad to hear it’s on the way out though. i had an ok week last week, and an awesome weekend! my goals for this week are to finish up two projects at work/school and then get started on my next HUGE project that i’ve been procrastinating. it’s a busy week!

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