Sunday run-down: February 7-13

Oh, boy.  In my opinion, this has been far too crazy a day.  And I hardly even went anywhere!  I woke up this morning and thought, “I’m going to migrate my blog from WordPress hosting to self-hosting today”, and then proceeded to beg my friend Mike to fix everything I’d screwed up in the process of moving everything.

Mike and me at the Philadelphia Marathon expo

I’ve gotta say, I consider myself really lucky to have a friend like Mike.  He has a whole lot of knowledge about stuff that really freaks me out (like CSS and pretty much anything else web-related) and he’s extremely patient when it comes to explaining everything and dealing with the fact that I’ve done something to make a task that could be very simple very difficult.  Basically, everything that you see on this site is thanks to Mike.  He saved me from having to pay someone else to bring content over from the blog, and sacrificed most of his Sunday in order to help me out with this.  And so I find myself in the position of having to say (I don’t know how many times I’ve been in this position, but it probably numbers in the thousands, if not significantly higher) THANK YOU, MIKE!  I owe you one.

And so here we are in a new place that’s a lot like the old place.  Except this new place is better, and has an awesome page for Embrace:Me with full Facebook integration (and if you’re not yet a fan of Embrace:Me on Facebook, well, here is a written invitation to become one)!  Obviously I could have taken this opportunity to do a massive site overhaul and get a new theme and go for a total blog make-over, but to be honest, I think I may have installed and tried tweaking nearly every WordPress theme that’s out there.  And in the end, I realized that a) I was happy enough with what I had that there was no need to go the extreme make-over route; and b) I’m really kind of scared of change, so keeping the same theme made this whole transition a lot easier for me.  I have this irrational fear that in moving hosts, I’m going to lose readers, and I love you guys!  I don’t want to lose you!  Also, please note that I am still working to add some content (my blogroll, for instance, did not make it over in the migration so I will be re-adding that content very soon) so pardon our appearance as we make improvements here as Chez I Came to Run.

Moving right along to the weekly run-down.  I did pretty well this week in some ways, and not as well in others.  Like last week, I met my mileage goal, punked out on my scheduled core work, and got some yoga in.  Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?

  • Monday: We’ll call this a rest day (planned- 4 miles)
  • Tuesday: Yoga! (planned- yoga and core work)
  • Wednesday: 4 miles on the treadmill (oh my goodness, I seriously added an ‘e’ to that.  AGAIN.  Planned- 4 miles)
  • Thursday: Rest day (planned- 3 miles and core)
  • Friday: Rest day (planned- rest or yoga)
  • Saturday: 6.6 miles (planned- 3 miles)
  • Sunday: 6.4 miles (planned- 3 miles and core)

Like I said, I hit my mileage goal of 17 miles, but I also learned that I would really prefer spreading my mileage out over several days (as planned) instead of trying to cram it in all at once (also known as the last minute, as I ended up doing).  Trying to do more shorter runs throughout the week will, I think, not result in me feeling so wiped out.

The face of someone who is wiped out

Another thing I learned?  Well, maybe learned isn’t the best word, but another thing I realized (and this due in large part to my screen test yesterday and the opportunity it gave me to reflect a little bit on my relationship with running and how ED-related stuff has changed it or affected it) is that I have not been taking very good care of myself lately when it comes to eating properly (both enough and a balanced diet).  So I’m going to take a cue from Katie and set a Monday mini-goal (but I guess it will really be a Sunday mini-goal) to get back to food journaling this week, and make a big effort to get my eating back on track, which should, in turn, help to get my running and energy levels back on track.

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  1. Having your blog on your own hosting/Wordpress install can be fun, you can learn a lot of new things!

    Good luck on the JackRabbit gig, I would love to see you get that chance as well as added exposure (good exposure) for NEDA and eating disorder support.

    Take care of yourself, the mini-goal is a good idea!

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