Embrace:Me needs YOU!

It’s funny to me how shortened work weeks (was Monday really a holiday?  It feels like it was such a long time ago) always feel so much longer than usual.  It’s finally Friday, though (YAY!), and I have a little assignment for you this weekend.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: consider writing up a little something for Embrace:Me.  It doesn’t have to be about your body, but it should be about something that makes you feel good about yourself, and helps to remind you that you are deserving of your own love and acceptance no matter what.  It may be the fact that you are double-jointed, or that you make the best brownies anyone has ever tasted, or that you are a good sister/daughter/friend/whatever.  As long as you feel empowered by what you’re writing about, your story is perfect for Embrace:Me.

I think we can all appreciate the value of treating ourselves well, but we may also realize that doing so does not always come easily or naturally.  Participating in Embrace:Me not only helps you to focus positive energy on yourself, it also shows others who are struggling with their body image that they’re not alone, and that they, too, can change their perspective.  Body image, self-confidence, body confidence, and disordered eating are major issues in our society and effect men and women in ways that are both concrete and abstract.  Everyone is aware of this, and yet it can still be extremely hard for us to talk about in a way that is open and honest.  By expressing body confidence and positivity through Embrace:Me, you are helping to put into words those feelings that can be so destructive.  I believe this project, in its small way, can help us to normalize the discourse on eating disorders and the effects of negative body image and enable us to find a means through which we can push back against the messages we receive about our bodies from external sources as well as ourselves.

In sharing your story, you are helping to redefine the way in which you think about yourself, and you’re helping others to do the same.  I hope you’ll take some time this weekend to write your own story, and become part of this project.

If you have any questions about Embrace:Me, or if you’d like to submit your story, you can contact me at icametorun [at] gmail [dot] com.  Remember that without your contributions, Embrace:Me can only go so far.  Also, remember to check out the two awesome bloggers who have already contributed their stories.



  1. It took a lot of thought and pondering… but I’m glad I have provided you with something for this. I agree that the blog world needs to stand up against the negative messages the media/society is dumping on all of us in regard to weight/body image/appearance/talents/goals/etc.

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