Sick of being sick

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Today is the sort of day where I wish I hadn’t committed to posting once every day, but I also don’t want to not post because it’s only January 3rd and it would be sort of lame to break a streak when you’re only three days in.

The truth of the matter is, though, that it’s difficult to summon the energy to come up with anything to say when you’re still sick and lying in bed.  I was considering doing a little bit of research and writing something about exercise, especially yoga, as a way to combat colds and flu, but once I actually found some articles I realized I didn’t really have the energy to read them and then say anything remotely intelligent about them.  Not only that, but I especially didn’t have the energy to do any yoga (which I’d been hoping to be able to do by today).  So I’ll save that post for another day, I guess.

Instead of relying on various cold medicines to help me through this bout of illness, I’ve been trying to get lots of rest (not hard to do since doing anything beyond lying in bed makes me dizzy and exhausted), a lot of vitamin C, other nutrients from balanced meals, and plenty of fluids from tea (with honey for my throat) and water.  I’ve felt slightly better at times today, and never as bad as yesterday, but I have to say that I’m pretty much ready to get rid of this cold and get on with my life!

I would like to know, though, how everyone else deals with colds when they get them.  Let’s face it, everyone catches a cold from time to time (and golly, what a cost, according to the poster above).  Do you have any favorite remedies to share?



  1. hi! feel better soon. rest and vitamin c always seems the most helpful for me. that, and cheesy chick flicks.

    also, just because you have to post every day does not mean every post has to be long. today’s post could have been just a list of what you’re doing to get better, or a picture you like that is relevant, or a link to a website, etc. i.e. it’s good to be committed to posting, but make it realistic! somedays you just are not going to feel like writing an article, and you don’t need to make excuses for that. just do what ya feel!! 🙂

  2. i know the feeling of not being able to think while sick. hope you feel better quick!

    i rarely rely on ‘modern medicine’ for a cold – i do rest, vit c, hot tea, warm salt water gargle (if sore throat), soup, lots of water, and a visit to the chiropractor if i can.

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