Sick day

2011, day 2.  So far, I’ve barely gotten out of bed.  What seemed yesterday to be a head cold literally knocked me off my feet today and I’ve been laid up and aching since I woke up this morning (and probably long before waking up.  I definitely didn’t sleep all that well).  My face hurts, my joints hurt, my back hurts, and my nose and throat are taking turns clamoring for attention.  In short: today is teh suck.  I had so much hope for today, too, since I skipped yoga yesterday and decided to take the day off running in the hopes that I would feel well enough to do about five miles today.  It’s crummy to be sick on the second day of the year, and it’s super crummy to be sick right after returning from a vacation.  I have so much to do, like unpack, get a meal plan for the week together, clean up!  When I noticed that I was starting to catch a cold back in California, I didn’t think it would turn into some weird mutant cold/sinus infection/flu badness, and this is totally cramping my style.  Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men, right?  It just goes to show that we can never really be in total control, no matter how much we’d like to be.

So what does one do while in bed most of the day, unable to do much else because putting effort into anything is exhausting?  Well, fumble around on the internet, of course!  I haven’t done much of anything productive (except watch three episodes of the last season of 30 Rock and start a little knitting project, which could both be considered accomplishments all things considered) but I have read a lot of blogs!  And posted a few comments!  It is at once inspiring and frustrating to see what the rest of the healthy-living blogworld is up to, because most of it involves not being in bed, or blowing one’s nose with great elan, or wondering if you’ll be able to go to work tomorrow.  Instead, people are moving forward with their new year, beginning to take on their goals and resolutions, and (it seems, anyway) generally feeling good about those things.  I’ve tried to stay positive here in bed by working on refining my goals a little bit, seeing as how I can’t actually work toward them.

One of the goals I posted yesterday was to establish a more consistent running schedule.  This is pretty vague, obviously.  I mean, how does one define consistent, and how does one define inconsistent?  I don’t want to try to run every day, and I want to be able to forgive myself if I can only run two or three days during some weeks because there are other things going on.  I’ve often said that I felt like my running during the past year was pretty inconsistent.  Let’s take a look at what I mean by that, shall we?

Here is the graph of the distances I ran per month over the past year (via DailyMile).  As you can see, my mileage ranged from 0-159 (this was during my marathon training).  I’d say that’s pretty inconsistent.  There’s absolutely no pattern here; my mileage for any given month is totally unpredictable.  Frankly, just posting this image is a little embarrassing and makes me feel like I can barely call myself a runner.  Putting that aside, though, I want to base my definition of consistency on how I ran last year.  That is to say that I want to look back at 2011 and be able to use it as an example of consistency, just as I can look back at 2010 and use it as an example of inconsistency.

The goal, therefore, is to aim for 90-100 miles per month for January to March; 100-110 for April to June; 110-120 for July to September; and 120-130 for October to December.  This will put me in a position where I am steadily increasing my mileage and completing the year with a minimum of 1,260 miles.  I think that’s doable, although I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who has more experience with consistency than I do.



  1. Hope you feel better soon. I got a 24 hour bug 2 weeks ago and it knocked me out. Typing was too much work.

    You can DEFINITELY call yourself a runner and should not be ashamed of mileage like that. Look at all you’ve accomplished! Most people don’t even run 2 miles a month.

  2. OMG do not be ashamed of your milage! I look at your chart, knowing we are of similar mind and I see someone who knows their limits and knows its ok to take some time off when they need to. To me it shows balance in your life 🙂 I really hope you feel better soon. I like your idea of gradually increasing your milage each month. I need to do better at that as well. Its a good way to NOT to get injured acutally. Something I know all too well now 🙂

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