Odds and ends

Evening all.

I’m super relaxed right now because I just finished a 60-minute Lunar Flow practice from YogaDownload (where else?!) and you can’t possibly go through an hour like that without feeling really calm by the end.  I’m going to call it a night pretty soon, but first I wanted to share some odds and ends.

1.  In addition to tomorrow being my friend Mike’s birthday (happy birthday, Mike!), it is also the day I will, in theory, hear about my application to start a LunaChix team.  I applied to start a running team in New York for a couple reasons.  For one thing, I strongly support the mission behind LunaChix: the goal is to bring women together as they participate in a sport, and to raise money for breast cancer research as well.  For another, I really want to join a running club but I’m really intimidated by the ones that exist already.  They’re big and I worry that I would be too slow for all of them.  I’m hoping to get some good news about my application, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

2.  I have a slight obsession with lululemon.  I don’t own anything of theirs (because I can’t really afford it) but I covet it so bad.  I’ve also applied for various jobs there several times.  Once I had a preliminary phone interview, but I’ve never gotten past that point.  I would make such a good lululemon employee it’s not even funny.

3.  On a related note, I wish I had a job where I could wear yoga pants all day, every day.  I dream of opening my own yoga studio, or at least getting certified to teach.  Hopefully one day this dream becomes a reality…

4.  This is very un-yogic of me, but lately I find myself wishing someone were around when I’m going through my yoga practice to share in the joy I experience in the poses.  They’d say, “Hey, your down dog looks great!  You’ve really gotten pretty flexible in your hamstrings, and your heels are always planted on the ground!” (okay, maybe they wouldn’t use those words exactly, but you know).  Or they’d say, “Wow, your janu sirsasana is looking really good–I can’t believe you can sit there with your head resting on your knee for so long!  You must have worked pretty hard on your flexibility!”  And I would say, “Well, thank you for noticing.  As a matter of fact I have been working hard, and it’s paying off!  You should do some yoga, too.  You’d feel great!”

5.  Related to that: I keep trying to subtly convince my fiancé that he should start doing yoga.  He doesn’t seem too keen on the idea.  Anyone have any suggestions as to how I could trick him into doing it?

6.  I’m so excited that Nat and Kat won the Amazing Race last night!  Yay for the first all-female team to win the show EVER, and also for the most awesome team to win the show EVER.  I’m still disappointed with how many men on the show were just plain abusive to their female counterparts, and upset by the fact that the women just accepted it as if they didn’t deserve better, but I’m not sure that there’s much I can do about that.

Anyway, just a few things that are on my mind.  And now I’m off to bed!

Goodnight 🙂



  1. I like this post – it’s good and upbeat and even funny! And I am also happy to hear the news about Nat and Kat winning the Amazing Race. I missed that episode so that’s super news!

  2. Tu as de très beaux projets, Emilie. Je croise mes doigts pour toi et je t’encourage à continuer ton bon travail. Ça ne peut que payer au bout du compte.

    Ce qui a convaincu Brent de faire du yoga de manière régulière, c’est le P90X. Je crois que cette routine heurte un peu les sentiments des puristes, mais elle est très difficile et c’est ce qu’il aime. Maintenant, il va dans un studio pour faire du moksha! La rouine du P90X amadoue les homme de cette manière: le 1er 45 minutes est strictement composé de mouvements en continu. Les balance poses suivent avec les étirements.

  3. I saw that the docs won and thought of you 🙂

    Hmm yoga-convincing. Does he run with you ever? Maybe you could say “lets stretch out” after and walk him through some stretches/yoga poses, and then say btw that was all yoga you just did. Or you could ask him if he’d try out a class with you?

    You should def write a post to lululemon on here. Then it would magically find it’s way to the BMFIC at lululemon and voila! Job 🙂

    Fingers crossed for Luna chix!

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