Overhaulin’ (December)

I think one of the biggest downfalls of living in New York City in the winter is the fact that you can’t really control your heat.  Either the radiator is open or the radiator is closed.  And when it’s open, it can very quickly turn your apartment into an oven.  I tried leaving it only slightly open last night, but still got so hot while sleeping that I kicked all the covers off and woke up sweaty.  I’ve continued to feel gross for most of the day.  I even abandoned two separate yoga practices because of how lousy I was feeling.

After turning off my second yoga practice, I realized that it wasn’t just today that I’d felt lousy, but the past few weekends.  And the days in between those weekends.  Apart from doing yoga pretty regularly, I haven’t been taking very good care of myself.  My appetite has really diminished quite a bit as I’ve grown increasingly run down by stress and anxiety and I’ve really stopped even making an effort to do any grocery shopping or meal planning because of the anxiety it tends to produce.  As a result, I haven’t been eating much, and what I have been eating hasn’t been great.  Lots of bread and dairy, very few fruits, vegetables, sources of protein, and whole grains.  On top of that, I haven’t run since Thanksgiving in spite of the fact that I was planning on getting back out this week.  I’m trying to let this be okay and not let it become another source of stress, but the truth is that more than anything I think I’m just doing myself a disservice by not running or doing any kind of exercise other than yoga.  Running tends to have a huge impact on my normally very high (and right now higher than normal) anxiety levels.  Not running is just not a good idea, especially when there are so many things going on that are making life kind of uncertain and difficult.

As soon as I realized that I wasn’t really treating myself all that well, and that that probably explained how bad I’d been feeling lately (at least in part, anyway), it occurred to me that rather than just sit idly by and let things go to pot, I should probably do something or things that might help me to feel a little better.  A sort of December mini make-over if you will.  I’ve learned my lesson trying to do huge challenges in the past (à la “I’ll wake up early and go running EVERY DAY!”, “I’m going to start lifting weights regularly RIGHT NOW!”, etc.) so my overall goal here will be to focus on small changes that will help to make a difference.  I’m looking to make overall lifestyle improvements, so I’m aiming to target a few different aspects of my current daily routine.  Here we go…

  • Spend 10 minutes a day tidying up/organizing at home
  • Aim to run at least 3 times a week
  • Have at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal
  • Drink at least 64 fl oz. of water a day
  • Try to do a short meditation on days when I don’t do yoga

I’m hoping these things will help me shake off the funk I’ve been experiencing, if not emotionally then at least physically.  And maybe if I’m feeling better physically then I’ll start feeling better emotionally.  Who knows?  I’m interested in hearing whether others have tried a mini lifestyle make-over like this?



  1. I think that’s a good plan. Although you shouldn’t limit yourself to 10 minutes a day on the tidying because that’s a flow-type thing. If you get into the tidying up bit, you should go with it as long as you can. It can be very productive and therapeutic I think. Eating at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal is a good one because over time that will become a natural habit and you won’t feel that your meal is complete without a fruit or vegetable. Good luck on the 64 oz. of water – that’s hard. But it is a good plan. Good for you!

  2. yay mini-goals! they have worked so well for me these past couple of months. especially the time ones. 10 minutes, you can always find that real quick and it makes a huge difference in tidiness! the flexibility is good too.

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