The Amazing Team

My fiancé, Nat, and I love watching the Amazing Race.  This season has been pretty good, although I have to say I’m really disappointed by the number of men on the show who are really, disturbingly abusive toward their girlfriends.  Nick, Thomas, and Chad seem to think that they are a gift to all humanity, and that their girlfriends should constantly be bowing down to kiss their feet and tell them how wonderful they are.  Wake up, guys–you’re assholes.  Yelling at your partners, constantly putting them down, and blaming everything that goes wrong on them is not the way to win a competition, or to show that you are fine upstanding young gentlemen.  You are misogynists and I hope you all get dumped once your girlfriends realize that they are strong women who deserve 1,000 times better.

A great antidote to these depressing men is the show’s best team: Nat and Kat (and I don’t just say that because of my fiancé’s name and the fact that I like cats).  These two women, both doctors, are totally awesome.  They go into every challenge with a positive attitude; they respect each other immensely, and they’re respectful toward their competitors; they’re intelligent; they have a genuine appreciation for everything they’re experiencing during the race; and they are in great physical shape.  I’m not talking about physical attractiveness, although I wouldn’t deny that they are both beautiful.  I’m talking here about their athleticism and strength–I really feel they are positive role models for women!  They come off as people who care about their health and wellness first, not people who work out and stay fit for reasons of vanity.  I really wish there were more women (and men, too) like this on television and in the media.

Although I like both Nat and Kat, during every episode I find myself admiring Nat’s physique.  She has powerful legs, and muscular arms.  She looks like she could face just about any physical challenge and succeed!  I really admire the combination of visible physical strength and body confidence that she exudes, and I find her incredibly inspirational.  Nat is 31, which reminds me of the fact that I will be turning 30 soon, and that one of my goals is to do so in the best shape of my life.

But what does that mean, exactly?  I think about this question a lot.  Should I whittle my waist?  Fit into a smaller pair of jeans?  No.  These are not the things I am aiming for.  Instead, I want to take inspiration from Nat and work on health from the inside out.  Will this result in me having arms like hers?  Maybe and maybe not.  I have no idea what my body will look like, and changing my appearance is not what I am striving to do.  If it happens, it happens.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  My primary focus is to take a broader and more well-rounded approach to health and fitness, and to build a strong body that can run long distances, work through a tough yoga practice, and face difficult challenges.  More than anything, I want to feel how powerful my body is and be aware of what it can do, rather than worrying about what it looks like, what other people think of it, and what it can’t do.  I’m hoping that through activities like running and the Yoga Project, I’ll be able to accomplish this goal.




  1. That was an enjoyable post – I loved reading it. Occasionally I watch the Amazing Race so I know exactly who Nat and Kat are and I totally agree with you. They are awesome; in fact, they are the most awesome team that has been on the show possibly ever. But I also love the conclusion that you came to about building on your strength and fitness from the inside out. You came to a great conclusion. That’s cool and I enjoyed reading it!

  2. “A great antidote to these depressing men is the show’s best team: Nat and Kat (and I don’t just say that because of my fiancé’s name and the fact that I like cats).” made me lol for real! (i almost wrote LOLIRL but i thought that might be going too far.) ❤

  3. it’s great to see real, worthy female role models on tv. i am guilty of liking the VS fashion show, but i do not agree with the mindset that stick-thin is beautiful. i like how you turned this into an inspiration for yourself and your upcoming birthday/current yoga challenge.

    i’m gonna have to “steal” that LOLIRL haha. i’m dorky, i’ll use it on someone’s blog…

  4. Je n’ai jamais vu cette émission, mais je trouve aussi qu’il est important de compter quelques bons modèles féminins sains parmi la multitude de représentations idiotes et/ou stéréotypées. Les femmes fortes sont souvent représentées du point de vue intellectuel et rarement du pooint de vue de leur forme physique (et non pas de leur apparence esthétique).

    Depuis que je me suis fixé le but d’avoir 30 ans dans la meilleure forme de ma vie (et surtout depuis que j’ai entrepris sérieusement de le faire), le spectre de ce but s’est aussi consédérablement élargi. La meilleure forme de ma vie, je voudrais que ce soit un corps en santé et fort, mais aussi moins soumis au stress, mieux reposé, plus flexible. Mais c’est aussi plus que ça: je voudrais faire des tas de petits changements qui rendraient la vie plus agréable: meilleure organisation de mon temps, meilleur équilibre travail-famille-loisirs, etc.

    Comme tu dis, finalement: meilleure forme dedans et dehors.

    J’ai beaucoup aimé lire ce post!

  5. I totally agree. When Chad proposed, I was yelling at the TV telling her to say “no!” I hate that they always have couples like this on the show. My husband and I are convinced that if we try out for the show, we should argue during the audition. I also like Nat and Kat and their positive energy.

    I think you’re on the right track with focusing on being healthy on the inside. The rest is sure to follow.

  6. My husband and I love this show too, but you’re right about so many of the relationships seeming dysfunctional. Every season my husband and I pick 2 teams right after the teams are introduced in the first episode as “our teams”. Often we end up regretting our picks, since we do it on snap judgments, but this season Nat & Kat are one of my teams, so I’m excited to see them doing well and to be decent human beings! (My other team is Nick & Vicki, chosen soley for the “Vegas Represent!” reason, and they’re pretty disappointing. He’s mean to her and they’re frequently very… dim.)

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