The Yoga Project: Holidayasana!

I wish I could remember where exactly I came across Social Workout, a website (currently in beta) that allows you to design goals and challenges (or select from others that have already been designed) and track your progress.  The website is wellness-themed, but despite the name your goal doesn’t have to be strictly connected to your workout; you can set a goal to get more sleep, or take better care of yourself in another concrete way.  Like Daily Mile, it’s a social, fun way to engage in healthy activities.

Through Social Workout I found Holidayasana, which is a challenge in which you aim to eat 25 healthy meals, spend one hour volunteering, avoid using plastic bags, and practice yoga 20 times during the month of December.  The description of the challenge reads as follows:

Yogis Unite! The NYC yoga community is setting one big intention for the holidays: To stay healthy, green, and grounded amid all the cocktailing and last minute gift shopping! Fill your holidays with soulful practices, healthy meals, and small victories in green living. We’ll hold you accountable! And, if that doesn’t work, we’ve got great prizes to offer from our sponsors…..

There are several New York City yoga studios involved, like Bikram Yoga NYC, Om Yoga Center, and YogaWorks, and sponsors like BluePrintCleanse, Siggi’s, and Kind.  This may be totally nerdy, but I’m really excited to start the challenge tomorrow!

I did some yoga on Sunday afternoon and gave up after 20 minutes because I was a little bit too ambitious.  What I’m going to do this month is incorporate Holidayasana into the Yoga Project.  I will work on completing the goals set out in the challenge on Social Workout, but I’m also setting some secondary goals for myself based on things I would like to achieve.  First, I want to increase my lower body flexibility, especially in my hips and inner thighs.  Second, I would like to strengthen my upper body.  I’m going to try to post “before” pictures of some poses that emphasize lower body flexibility and some poses that use upper body strength in the next few days so that I’ll be able to measure any progress I make in a concrete sort of way.

If you’re interested in finding a fun way to set some goals, try exploring Social Workout a bit.  It’s a pretty neat concept.  I wish I had thought of it!  I should also add that I was not asked to post this by anyone, it’s just something that I came across that I thought was cool and might be interesting to others.



  1. I saw this post yesterday, and it inspired me to get out my mat and do yoga last night. The first time in several weeks, rare for me! And I’ve decided to do my own Holidayasana… even if I’m not signing up on the site, I’m going to do some form of yoga every day this month, whether it is a vigorous practice or just a short, relaxation practice… the goal is at least 10 minutes every day! Thanks for inspiring me!

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