One week later

It doesn’t seem like I just ran a marathon last week. It feels like that was more like 200 years ago.  With the exception of the 10k earlier this week, I haven’t done much physical activity at all.  At this point, I’m feeling the effects of that: I’ve settled into a total rut.  This tends to happen to me on Sundays, and now that the marathon has come and gone, Sunday is no longer the day of the long run (which made it purposeful!).  It’s just sucky old Sunday.

Now, it’s unfair for me to put all the blame on Sunday, I’d been heading for this rut for a while.  But it makes sense that I would really hit my rutting stride at the end of the week.  Especially a week that involved a few days off from a job I don’t really like all that much, a holiday that focuses heavily on food, and an almost complete lack of activity.

I’ve spent most of the day sitting around flitting from one activity to another (mostly this has involved knitting, then wasting time on the internet, then watching a movie while knitting, then wasting more time on the internet, and thinking about doing some yoga) and, mostly, thought about how desperately I need a major change in my life.  Without a marathon to focus on I feel a little bit lost.  I was hoping to register for the half-marathon that takes place the same weekend as the National Marathon, but it’s expensive and I’m poor.  I’m going to try to figure out how to pull together $85 for the entry fee (it’s truly sad when you’re nearly 30 and you can’t afford an $85 race entry fee) because I would really like to have something to focus my running on, but until that time I feel like I’m a little bit aimless, and aimlessness just makes me think about the things going on that I’m not too happy about.

I’m planning to get back to running during this upcoming week, and I’m also committing to a yoga practice of some kind this afternoon/evening because I think I’ll just feel kind of pathetic if I don’t do one.  Something I’ve also been trying to do: focus on things that make me happy.  Unfortunately, it’s one of those days where the unhappy things are weighing heavily and hard to counteract.

Undoubtedly I’ll feel better tomorrow, by virtue of the fact that it’s not Sunday.



  1. Hey, don’t feel bad about being almost 30 and not being able to afford an $85 registration fee. Welcome to adulthood …. there are way too many other obligations that could possibly stand in the way, no denying it. I’m twice your age, and that fee would put me off too. And your marathon a week ago does seem like last year but this was a big week, so I think that’s okay. Take the week off! It won’t hurt you. I think your plan for doing more yoga is a good plan! And don’t be surprised if Monday is not much better than Sunday – ever hear of blue Monday? It’s normal!

  2. Well there’s the fact that the marathon is over – no longer a big goal/to-do in your sights. That always bums me out post-race. And then you have to take time off to rest and recover, so your schedule doesn’t just go back to normal. Marathoning can be like a bad boyfriend sometimes–up and down, on and off again…

    Is there another (cheaper) race to sign up for? $85 for a half would make me question registering too :-/

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