Yoga jams

I’ll start with a quote:

Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad.  Other things just make you swear and curse.

Monty Python, sometime in the 1970s.

I’m sorry, I just don’t know what year the Life of Brian came out and I’m too lazy right now to look it up.  Plus, who knows, maybe they wrote the song before they wrote the movie?  It’s better to just give a general idea.  At any rate, this quote just about sums up my day, except mix in a little sad, worried, and stressed.  Of course that makes the song a bit less catchy, so just add it in in your imagination.  No need to go rewriting songs and history.

So after a bad, mad, sad, worried, and stressed day, I came home, put on my pajamas, and wrote sentences with many, many commas in them.  Ha.  Actually, I put on my pajamas and worked on finding my happy place.  Ordinarily, on a day like today, I wouldn’t really have a happy place.  I would mostly want to get into bed and shut out the world, or do something else like waste time on the internet.  But this week, I thought of the Yoga Project and realized I didn’t want to just shut things out, I wanted to actually cultivate more positive feelings.

Enter the happy place:

Now before you say anything, let me just acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Yes, my yoga mat is embarrassingly dirty.  But I’ve had it for several years.  It’s starting to disintegrate in places.  And it’s perfect.  So say what you want, but know that I love that mat and I will defend it to the death.

I’ve been having a little bit of back pain lately, and that combined with my realization that I need to strengthen my core like whoa inspire me to hop on over to YogaDownload and stream the Yoga for Back Pain #2 (yes, it makes me sound geriatric but there’s nothing wrong with that) practice.  Ahhh it was 30 minutes of bliss during which I managed to put some of my negative thoughts on the shelf for a while.  I also thought about how I’m going to try, for a week, not to entertain negative thoughts about my body.  For one thing, this is the week before the marathon and I should be focusing on how powerful my body is.  For another, marathon or not, I just shouldn’t be entertaining negative thoughts about my body.

So that will be this week’s Yoga Project goal (and no, I didn’t practice or cook last week, but it was not a great week, so I’m giving myself a pass): one week free of fat talk.  To combat the fat talk, I’ll try to keep spending time in my happy place, whether that means for five minutes or an hour at a time.

Feel free to share your goal for the week in the comments.  Namaste! (yeah, I went there.)



  1. my mat is getting those spots too… but i refuse to replace it until it’s completely useless!

    hooray for yoga! that looks like a great resource. just an ‘fyi’, i do the ‘yoga shakti’ dvd. there are a few preset practices or you can pick and choose your own “moves” from a menu and make your own.

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