My hands are small, I know

This morning something significant happened.  My alarm clock went off (and I hit snooze twice) and I got out of bed!  Before I had the time to really think about it, I changed into my running clothes, had a bit of water, and headed out into the chilly morning.  It was fun!  I remembered pretty quickly why I always enjoy running in the morning when I manage to do it–there are fewer people around, so less pedestrian dodging on the sidewalks, and it’s very peaceful.  Plus, it makes you feel good (if a little tired.  Okay, very tired) for the rest of the day.  The tough part is just making sure you get enough water before you go out.  Naturally, I didn’t really do that.  But the water fountains (or as some people call them, bubblers) are still on in the park so I was able to stop to get a little bit of water while I was running.

One problem I have, though, is how to dress in this weather.  It’s not too cold, but it’s definitely not warm.  I always try to layer so that I can take something off if I get too hot, but I always have a problem with my hands.  My hands get cold easily, but it’s very hard to warm them up.  It’s not unusual for my fingers to turn blue or purplish, especially under my nail beds.  With that in mind, I always try to take gloves with me when I go running, but at times when it ends up being too warm for them, it’s kind of annoying to have to carry them.  In those cases, I end up tucking them into my running tights and hoping they don’t fall out without me noticing.

Last year, I lost my running gloves so I bought a new pair a couple months ago.  They were on sale on, which is my favorite place to buy running gear, so I bought a pair of extra smalls and hoped for the best.  I’m pretty happy with them.  They aren’t too heavy but they’re not so thin that you can feel the wind blowing through them.  For the most part, they fit well.  I mean, as well as any pair of gloves has every fit my hands.  See, my hands are small.  They’re also kind of abnormal, because my thumbs are what is commonly known as “clubbed”, although I prefer to call them “murderer’s thumbs” because it sounds so much more bad-ass.  Not that I condone murder, because I don’t.

Some people have one regular thumb and one murderer’s thumb.  Both of mine are the same, so I can’t show you my other thumb for the sake of comparison.  But if you want to see what the difference between a murderer’s thumb and a normal thumb is, look at your thumb.  Now look at mine in the picture above.  Now yours.  Now back to mine.  See?  Small.  And it is impossible to find gloves that fit those thumbs!  There is always space at the tops, which really gets on my nerves for reasons I can’t really articulate.

When it’s all said and done, though, I don’t think I would trade my small hands for regular ones that fit in a pair of gloves without loads of extra room, because I like my wee thumbs.  Plus, this information I found on the internet, which has to be accurate, says this:

Those with this type of thumb usually display a strong will and a well developed control over emotions. As a result, when continually frustrated or bullied, they build resentment for months or years before exploding. When out of temper those with clubbed thumbs can clear a room in seconds, as others scurry for safety…In most cases this person knows on a deep level what he or she is capable of doing when out of temper, and is sensible enough to leave the circumstances which triggered the outburst of temper before doing something which will cause regret.

So watch out for me, because I might go into a berserker frenzy at any second!  If all my rage builds up and boils over, that is.

Most importantly, though, I plan to go running again tomorrow morning.



  1. I think that info about behavior of those with clubbed thumbs is pretty accurate. However, your thumbs don’t look much different from mine. In fact, I think mine may be even smaller than yours. We’ll have to compare next time you are here. By the way, congrats on a good morning run!

  2. I have neat thumbs that are not clubbed but not full-length “normal” either. I’m a hybrid. Luke has my thumbs and Dorothy has Dan’s. 😀

    Also congratulations, you and Megan Fox have clubbed thumbs. ;P You’re cooler than she is though.

  3. Clubbed thumbs! Who knew… I’ve always referred to mine as “toe thumbs” because, as that fairly obviously suggests, they look more like my toes than my other fingers. And it’s true, though gloves never fit right, I wouldn’t trade my chubby little thumbs for anything.

    Have a good run tomorrow!

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