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Children at Raja Yoga Academy, Pt. Loma

I’m really good at ideas.  Ask anyone and they’ll say, “Oh yeah, her?  Yeah, she’s really good at ideas.  I don’t even know her, but I know that.”  And then you’ll feel kind of bad because you didn’t know that I’m really good at ideas and everyone else did, and you’ll wonder if you’ve been living under a rock all your life.  Well, maybe you have.  I can’t say for sure, because it’s possible (although maybe not entirely likely) that I don’t know you.

But enough about you.

The problem is that while I’m great at ideas, I’m not great at their execution.  Often I’ll say (with great conviction): “I’m going to do this!” without really know what this is.  Case in point: my recent idea about the Yoga Project.  I’m still trying to define exactly what I want it to be and how I’m going to put it into action.  My ultimate goal with the Project is to incorporate habits into my life that will act as resources I can easily access when I’m feeling so stressed that I am tempted to restrict or purge (which has been happening more often than I’d like lately).  I want to break the project down into steps, so that I avoid doing something I tend to do a lot, which is creating a huge goal and then getting overwhelmed by it and frustrated when I can’t accomplish it because it’s too overwhelming.  I also want to stress that the Yoga Project doesn’t have to be limited to yoga-related goals.  I’m calling it the Yoga Project because yoga has always been a good way for me to bring balance into my life, and a nice complement to running.  But anyone can do their own variation of the Yoga Project.  I think as long as the goal is to do something that is focused on overall health and wellness, the spirit of the Project is intact.

This week, so far, has been especially difficult for me food-wise so it will be interesting to see if working on building a consistent yoga practice helps with the unhealthy urges I’m dealing with at the moment.  It’s Tuesday, so the week is still young, and I think it’s a good time to put down some goals.  Inaugural Yoga Project goals!

1) Practice yoga at least twice, for any length of time.  Whatever is comfortable.

2) Try to prepare one dinner at home.  This will probably be the hardest thing.  Me and making choices about food don’t really get along these days.

I’m going to give myself room to define the Project further as I move forward with it.  I think this is a good enough start for now, though.



  1. J’adore ce projet. Tu as raison de dire que le yoga est un excellent complément à la course. Depuis que j’ai commencé à en faire de manière consistante (avec le P90X, une fois par semaine), je remarque véritablement les bénéfices.

    Pour ce qui est de cuisiner ton souper à la maison, je me demande si tu ne pourrais pas, disons, prendre un livre de recette que tu aimes (joli, avec de belles photographies et des recettes végétariennes, d’un chef qui n’a pas un air stupide), et en faire une par semaine, dans l’ordre. Ça t’enlèverais le poids de la décision, pour un certain temps du moins: page 1, page 2, page 3, etc., et ça incorporerait l’habitude de cuisiner dans ta routine hebdomadaire. Si tu n’as pas de livre que tu aimes à la maison, la bibliothèque municipale serait certainement un bon endroit pour en trouver un. Tu peux même photocopier les recettes qui te plaisent une fois que tu les as goûtées. Je me suis fait un cahier comme ça, une sorte de scrapbook de cuisine! Toutes les pages sont collées!

    P.S. Je m’excuse d’écrire en français, mais ce serait trop long pour moi d’écrire en anglais. J’espère que je ne froisse pas la communauté de tes lecteurs…

  2. I’m going to admit that I might have misread Sonia’s comment, because it’s been so long since I’ve studied French that I can’t promise I remember it accurately *G* But assuming I understood it, I like her idea about just finding a recipe book you like and doing one meal a week. I myself use Everyday Food Magazine and I go through and pick out meals in each month that I’d like to try, then I try to find the time to make ’em. Before Luke was born I was doing it pretty much the whole week through (usually each one would last for two nights, so 3-4 times a week) and now I”m just trying to pick it back up so it’s usually only on weekends.

    BUT, like Sonia, I pick out the recipes I like and I copy them into a book. I also keep track of which month’s issue they came out of because a lot of time the ingredients will be in-season or the food will seem more appropriate. I don’t recommend Everyday Food for you since it doesn’t have a lot of vegetarian content (usually only 2-3 entrees per issue), but I’m sure you could find a general cookbook to use. Do a little research into a cookbook that appeals to you and make a commitment to using it just once a week, it ends up being super fun… and I find that when I can cook for myself I actually make much better food choices and don’t overeat for some reason. 🙂

    Also I read the title of your post and now I’m all like “What IS this… a blog for ANTS?!”

    1. Hey, good job–your French isn’t as rusty as you may think! It’s funny, too, that you would even mention that because in her comment, Sonia said I hope it won’t bother other commenters that I’m commenting in French. Now you’ve pretty much provided a translation, so everybody wins 🙂

      I really like the idea, too, and I think I’m going to adopt it. I always like having a structured plan of some kind, and I think picking recipes and making that into part of the overall project is a great way to get past the nebulous, “Oh, I should make dinner tonight because I said I’m going to” feeling that I often get. It’s possible that I can do it with Vegetarian Times, but of course there is no shortage of great veggie cookbooks as well. I’m definitely going to start slow and really just aim for like one home-cooked meal, but hopefully the more I do it, the easier it will become.

  3. all you need is a starting point! i get overwhelmed easily thinking of “how-to” do things and often don’t ever start them. the “rules”/guidelines should always be flexible, especially in a project like this. so whatever you set now, know you can always change later so that it continues to work for you!

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