I’m so tired right now

After spending most of the day in bed yesterday, you’d think I’d be bouncing off the walls with energy today.  Wrong!  Actually, all I’ve been able to think about all day is this:

Why, hello, beautiful.  Where have you been all my life?

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just so tired for no apparent reason?  That has been me today.  It hasn’t been a particularly exhausting day.  My mom came up to visit, and we got lunch, spent way too much time on the subway (I hate the MTA, by the way) and then took a leisurely stroll to Michael’s, where I bought this delicious stash:

Mmm, so soft and pretty.  Knitting, ahoy!  As though I didn’t already have several WIPs sitting around taking up space.  Oh well, whatever.  I can’t resist yarn, what can I say?

Ostensibly missing from my day?  Um, running.  I planned to get up early and go out before my mom got here but I couldn’t even pry my eyes open when my alarm went off.  And even though I got home with enough time to get a few miles in, just the thought of putting one foot in front of the other makes me tired.  So I guess I’m skipping it?  Which would be fine if I didn’t feel super guilty about that.

Oy.  When it comes to running these days, I kind of feel like I’ve put myself into a position where I just can’t win.  And for all I know, I’m setting myself up for a crummy marathon in two weeks.  Right now, though, I’m kind of too tired to really care.  I already know that this is not going to be my best race, and that’s fine with me.  I’m just looking to finish, and to think of this as a return to running after a rough year.  As long as this race serves that purpose, I’ll (at least try to) be happy with it.  While I know that taking today off is not going to seal the fate of my performance in the marathon, I also think it’s healthy for me to remind myself at this point that there are going to be other races, and many opportunities ahead to run on days when I am exhausted instead of staying in, as I’m choosing to do today.

I’ve also spent time today thinking on and off about the Yoga Project, and what exactly I want it to look like.  I’ll try to post some more details in the next few days as things start to come together.  Until then, I’ll say, “goodnight!”


One comment

  1. man i feel like i was right on with my comment the other day, even though i was randomly pulling things out of the air when i suggested yoga and knitting. 🙂

    i have had days where i just feel exhausted. sometimes i give in and rest, but sometimes i get up and make myself do *something* (anything). usually i feel better after that. on the days where i give in, i either feel even-more-tired the next day (if i should’ve done something) or better (if i needed the laziness).

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