Don’t let the bastards get you down

This post title really should be my mantra this week.  I mentioned in my last post that there’s some not-so-good stuff going on in my personal life (stuff that I can’t really get into detail about here on the blog) that has really left me feeling run down.  It’s been difficult to get out of bed and into the world this week because being at home in bed feels like such a safe little cocoon.  But the reality is I can’t live my life like that–I can’t let these negative situations affect my everyday life and prevent me from doing the things that mean a lot to me.

In the past, running has been a great outlet for me and has really helped me through very difficult situations.  Given everything that’s going on, I realize I need to shift my focus from running for fitness or for training reasons and just run for release and to have some time away from everything that is stressing me out and troubling me.  If I try to run for other reasons during times like this, running just becomes another source of stress.

Today was my first run of the week, which obviously means my training schedule is a bit off.  But that’s okay.  Like I said, that’s a secondary goal right now, and I know I can still get my mileage in without killing myself trying this week.  My biggest goal is to just remain sane, stay out of the hospital, and try to keep things from getting to me so much that I lose track of what really matters in life.

How do you get through difficult times in  your life?  Has running helped you to deal with those hard times?



  1. Running is my stress-reliever. It’s the one thing in life that I do just for me. It allows me to think, it allows me to forget my worries.

    As you know, I wasn’t able to run for 4 months. I could tell a difference in myself. My boss commented on it today too. I’m just a different person when I’m able to run.

    Nothing wrong with running without a “goal” in mind. I’m doing that right now and i’m loving it.

    Hope all is well, Em! I’ll be thinking about you!

  2. Try doing an activity in which you have no expectations of yourself. Like an adult kickball league or something. You likely have no idea if you’ll be a natural at it or terrible at it, and it might be a fun adventure. (Plus, maybe being a part of a team will help you motivate to leave the home.)

    Also; no. Running has never helped me deal with hard times (but you weren’t really asking *me*). I can chase something (like a frisbee) or I can be chased by something (like a rabid dog), but I can’t seem to run. You’ve got the relatively rare love for the sport–don’t let it become an abusive relationship.

  3. Running is a great stress reliever for me. No matter where the stress is coming from, I can usually look forward to some soul searching while I am running. I always end up with some kind of resolution to the situation that is causing the stress and I feel great too. It’s the one time that I can count on actually figuring things out – how to deal with the problem and how to overcome it. But just because that works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it works for everyone. Everyone has a different personality so different strokes for different folks I guess. 🙂 Your post sounds like you are really working on things; and if you keep moving in that direction, you will succeed.

  4. By the way, Lily, I wasn’t sure if that was you or not until I read your second paragraph. Frisbee was the actual tip-off, but then the part about being chased by the rabid dog confirmed it. Funny!

  5. Yes, running has been a way to relieve stress… but at the same time it’s a source of stress at times, just because of the pressure that I put on myself with it sometimes. I can completely identify with you on the need to use it purely from a stress-relieving point of view right now. It can definitely get in the way of other areas.

    You may want to explore other options for self-soothing too. I’m trying to figure out what those things are for me too, but I guess it’s part of the journey!

  6. I use running as a release tool, A LOT! It helps a lot. I can go outside in a bad mood, feeling a bit down, but after I start running I feel like I start shruging off my problems, leave the unimportant ones behind me and focus on the ones that matter, if I can do anything to solve them. Not to mention that if you kick your ass while running it will be a lot easier to sleep at night.

  7. Right now I’m not so great at getting through the tough stuff — I tend to turn to bingeing or doing a whole lot of nothing — but I’m working on changing that.

    Running is an AMAZING outlet, and I’m so glad you’re just focusing on running as a stress relief, rather than getting in specific mileage or anything. I hope you’re doing better, and call me if you need to talk/vent at all! 🙂

  8. I’ve always used running as a stress reliever which probably makes sense as to why I have been so stressed lately (w/ few runs!). Definetly continue to use running as a positive stress reliever 🙂

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