Sunday, Sunday

If this had been the Sunday I wanted it to be, I’d be writing about two things in this post: this morning’s race and a review of my goal’s from this past week.  But this morning I woke up feeling nauseous and headachy, and I ended up skipping the race.  I genuinely felt sick but I’ve felt guilty all day for skipping it.  I feel like I back out of so many races and I’m always making excuses.  I still don’t feel all that good, and I felt sick yesterday as well, but that hasn’t stopped me from beating myself up over it.

So I’ll move on from there to a review of my goals for the week.  Well…I guess I didn’t have the best week, overall.  I mean, there’s room for improvement.  I ran 19 miles, which I figured was close enough to 20 (logic that I used as justification for skipping running today), but I didn’t get to the gym at all and I’m pretty disappointed about that.  I’d also like to continue working on balance, and especially on being a bit nicer to myself.  My current attitude and habits aren’t really getting me anywhere.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a longer post and a set of goals for this upcoming week, the first week of a new (and less gray) month!  Hopefully it will bring some Springier weather with it.



  1. feel better! maybe a part of the sickies is caused by a negative attitude? i know that makes me sound hippie, but our bodies are one complicated mixed-up, tied together structure — and i think attitude can play a roll in our health somewhat. i mean, if you have negative thoughts all the time you won’t feel great anyway right? ok, now i just sound like a hippie… 🙂

    anyway, feel better!

  2. There are many factors that could be causing your all-around not feeling well blues. For one, there’s that winter-time syndrome from being stuck inside due to inclement weather. That’s a good one to start with. There’s also the early signs of spring which are brought to us all by the winds that are blowing around outside. You know what I mean, little pollen spores and dust particles. This is the time of year when people start feeling affected by that stuff. Hang in there – winter will rapidly disappear now and the pollen spores won’t be bad enough every day to bother you. ❤

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